Sunday, November 07, 2010

josie jellybean

I neeeed idea help, pretty pretty please!

I need to think of a theme, asap, for Josie's birthday. The problem is, this girl doesn't really play with toys or watch television. I know, I know, that sounds crazy, but I swear it is true. She will occasionally look at baby dolls in passing, but besides that, she floats all over the house throughout the day, not playing with anything in earnest.

My friend was saying this wasn't possible, but I narrated for her what a 15 minute span looks like:

Josie climbs on the coffee table, leans over the side, figures out she can do somersaults this way. (2 minutes)

Leaves for kitchen, drags chair over to counter, climbs up until mom takes chair away. (30 seconds)

Goes upstairs, disconnects noise machine. Brings noise machine down. Returns upstairs, retrieves cord for noise machine, brings it downstairs. (1.5 minutes)

Investigates what Gabe is doing, disrupts his play, gets yelled at by him, runs away with key piece of equipment, Gabe chases her down and steals it back. (2 minutes)

Goes into bathroom, turns on water, attempts to "wash hands" while really splashing water all over the bathroom. (1 minute)

Scales front hall closet cubbies, gets a hold of Mommy's purse hanging from high hook. Hides behind chairs in living room, removes all items silently. Distributes credit cards into the heating vents. (4 minutes)

Time out. (2 minutes)

Wait, did I already do that coffee table thing? Let me try it from the kitchen table too. (1 minute)

Time out. (2 minutes)

Seriously, this is what OUR WHOLE DAY is like. The thing is, I UNDERSTAND she is likely bored, but what am I supposed to do? Crafts aren't appealing, cooking neither, toys don't cut it, and television- don't even bother. Unless we are outside, she is causing mischief. It is lucky this little bugger is sooooo cute and funny or else she might be out on the curb.

But back to my original problem, what am I going to do for her birthday? I was originally going to do a monster theme- sort of cute and funny monsters. Mainly because I call her my little monster. I had lots of ideas for making primary colored monsters, and sewing little monsters for favors for the kids and having "me want cake" posters around the food table and stuff like that. Could be cute, right?

Then I thought, what about Sesame Street monsters? She does know who Elmo is, so I'm tempted to go with the regular old tried and true toddler theme. She only knows Elmo, though, no other characters, and really only in passing. It isn't like she'll watch him for longer than 2 minutes. She will call his name out when she sees a picture of him, so she does like him. And Elmo themes are really cute and easy with lots of cute games.

Maybe a cupcake theme? The birthday invites could say "our little cupcake is turning two" but where else would I go with that theme? Games? Decorations? I don't feel like I can run with it.

Lastly, her lovey is a mermaid. I could do an under the ocean theme with mermaids, but she totally won't get it and a mermaid party when she's a bigger kid could be super fun so I'd hate to waste it.

So what do you think?


Butterflyfish said...

Meh, do Elmo. She won't want Elmo at 3. Its easy enough. It works for the other kids her age.
Your post made me grateful that my son really loved his trains at this age.

Anonymous said...

Do you really need a "theme"? Maybe just get some pretty balloons and streamers, and make a cake with a rainbow on it or something.

tk said...

sounds like she likes doing stuff. can you theme be fun physical activities? a jumpy thing, or a climbing wall, or something?

Willow said...

For cupcakes, you could let the kids frost their own. Provide smocks, frosting, and a lot of toppings and let the kids (and their parents) go crazy! Oh yeah, put down a big tarp under them, lol!

Or, you could do a gymnastics or dancing theme since she's so active. Give out little gold medals for competing in games or put them on top of cupcakes as decorations.

liz said...

No theme.

Activity for the party: Potato stamps. Carve shapes in potato halves and get some finger paint or stamping ink.

Lots of paper.


Have a blast.

halloweenlover said...

Oh no, come on guys! I LOVE themes! It makes it easier to plan and decorate! You're making me so sad!

Jennifer said...

I love the cupcake theme! You could have the kids make their own cupcakes with lots of candy and maybe for games have a giant cupcake and pin or tape the "sprinkle" on the cupcake.

Anonymous said...

Okay Halloweenlover, I LOVE your monster idea. ME LOVE CAKE! ME WANT CAKE! So cute. One piece of advice I can give you: give your wild toddler a big 'ol ball pit and buy extra balls. They're not that expensive, safe, and so much fun! My wild nephew loves it and never tires of playing in it. Of course, it will become a teeming pit of pink eye if you throw a bunch of little kids in there, but spray it down with some Lysol and watch the fun. Happy Birthday Josie!

martha said...

I love the gymnastics theme idea - especially the medals! Do a great obstacle course and hand out those plastic medals on a ribbon. I bet a party express type of store would have matching napkins etc. But do you have the room for an obstacle course in your house? It's getting cold!

Rev Dr Mom said...

I think 2 year olds are too young to get the "medals" thing; I'd save that idea for when she's older and go with something simpler like Monsters or cupcakes.

As the mother of two gymnsasts I do thiink you might be raising a future gymnast though. Are there toddler tumbling or movement classes in your area? MIght be a good way to channel some energy.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Love the monster idea. We hired "Elmo" to come to Sean's 2nd bday party. He freaked out (good freaking out) and didn't want Elmo to leave to go home afterwards. It was fantastic.

But seriously, 2nd birthdays? We rented a giant inflatable bouncer thing for the backyard for Mack's 2nd. He wouldn't leave the bouncer for cake, to eat, NOTHING!

Does he remember? 100% not.

She probably won't know what is going on.

Meika said...

I'm late to the party, but I love the monster theme, too! My only other idea was a "doctor" theme with a band-aid cake, and really, the monsters would be much cuter. ;)