Thursday, November 11, 2010

am I going to start talking to myself soon too?

A couple of weeks ago, October 22nd to be exact, I found myself looking at opening night of Paranormal Activity 2 and no one to go with. I tried to convince my college roommate to go with me, since she and I go to all the scary movies, but she refused. Something about babies in the movie and her being pregnant blah blah blah. I asked around, but most people met my question with a horrified stare akin to me asking them if they ate puppies for breakfast.

So, I went alone.

It was my first solo movie ever, and I was a little nervous, but I'd recently seen this cute little video about learning to embrace being alone without being lonely, so I thought, what the hell. I'll try it.

It was, well, great! I did feel a little bit like I had leprosy, if I'm being honest, because of that whole ridiculous buffer we put between us and other people in movie theaters, so while the theater was packed, I had several empty seats around me because no one would sit next to me. And there were a couple of scary parts in the movie where I pulled my knees up to my chest and glanced around me wondering if anyone would try to kill me. And I did sprint, actually SPRINT, to my car afterward in case anyone decided to attack me. But besides that, it was great!

So great that I decided to do it again tonight. I was bummed because I mistakenly made plans to go see a musical with friends on the same day that I am throwing a baby shower. I know, DUH. I'm not entirely sure how it happened because I was the main planner of the musical outing, and went to pick up tickets at the theater and planned lunch with friends and didn't realize until today that the shower was Saturday rather than Sunday. The DATE I PICKED FOR THE SHOWER. I know, I know, I don't know how this happened either. Obviously the shower is light years more important, but still, I was seriously disappointed.

Anyway, I called Josh and told him about my foul mood and he suggested I go out tonight. Grab a coffee, go read a book, see a friend, whatever. I started to call a couple of people, and then remembered that I'd been dying to go see The Town, and figured, why not go see it alone? I got a cherry Pepsi, a popcorn with gobs of butter, and some fruit snacks. A dark theater, no one asking for anything, and it was PARADISE. A margarita would have helped, but this was pretty darn perfect.

I might be getting addicted to solo movies! It was so much fun! And since Josh hates movies, it lets me see what I want to see but then spend my friend time chatting with friends rather than sitting in a dark theater. Win win situation! The Town was good, too, in case you're wondering. I highly recommend.


TK said...

wait, how did i not know that josh hates movies? anyhoo, I am a fan of the solo movie outing as well. there really isn't any good reason why you need someone else to go with you.

Ninotchka said...

I ADORE going to the movie theater solo. Isn't it so freeing and relaxing at the same time? Gorgeous. Glad you've picked up this nifty little habit. (What'd you think about P2? ... I quite liked it)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Josh hates movies? Really? Will he watch them at home with you on DVD or Tv or hates them completely all together?

I love going to movies solo - or rather, I went to a lot of mom & baby movies with a tiny baby after both my boys were born. They have once a week a showing where you can go with your baby and the movie isnt as loud as normal, they even have a changing table IN the theater (so you dont miss the movie for a diaper change), and I can get out of the house. Totally can't wait to do that again with #3 after he's born.

Chatty Cricket said...

I have been meaning to post a comment on this for FOREVER.

I haven't tried the movies solo, but I take myself on dates all the time. I started this in College when we could get into the MFA for free with our student IDs- whenever I needed a break from the dorm, I'd get on the T and lose myself in the MFA. It was HEAVEN. Now, I'll run off to the PEM, or to the House of Seven Gables, you name it. I love it. It lets me get all wrapped up in my cultural/historic whims without dragging Bill along. He's a sport, but sometimes I know he's going just to make me happy. So I go by myself and recharge while learning something!