Monday, March 29, 2010

paying it forward

I mentioned last week that I really hate asking for help, but as part of my resolution to be happier and improve my life, I've vowed to ask for help when I need it. And this winter in particular, I have DEFINITELY needed help. We have been struck down with more illnesses than I can count. Ear infections and stomach flus and ear infections and bronchiolitis and ear infections and coughs and ear infections and runny noses and ear infections and a couple of sore throats thrown in for good measure. It has made for a crummy winter, and lots of tissue purchases, antibiotics, night wakings, and sleepless nights.

Whining isn't the point of this post, though. I've decided to ask for help, and that means when my friend asks if she can pick anything up at the store for me, I say YES. For the first time ever, I said yes. We needed diapers and I was going to bundle the kids up in the car and drag them to the store and wipe the noses and cart the sad limp kids inside, so instead I told her I desperately needed diapers and thanked her profusely and left it at that. And rather than feel guilty about asking for the diapers, I just accepted the idea that she didn't mind getting the diapers and perhaps felt like she was doing a good deed and I was certainly grateful.

So a few days later, when my neighbor said she had to take her own sick kids to the store because she needed milk, I insisted on getting it for her when I went to Target that afternoon. She did the whole, "no, it's okay, don't worry about it, I couldn't, etc." but I insisted and she said thank you and was thrilled when I showed up with the milk later that afternoon.

Let's call it paying it forward or being a normal human being who accepts help, but it felt good. I like this new resolution, and I think it is going to improve all of our lives.


liz said...

Good job!!!

YG&B said...

hey! i think you are so right about just taking people's help when they want to offer it. i was just telling a friend that i think it is actually really selfish not to ever let people help you when they offer to do so. think about how good you feel when you help someone you really care about, why would you want to stand on ceremony and deny someone else that feeling?