Wednesday, March 24, 2010


You know how you have a new puppy, and since they're so small and cute you let them climb on your lap and on the couch, and then the baby puppy starts to grow and soon they are too big for your lap and certainly too big for the couch. But the puppy doesn't yet know they are growing too big for your lap, so they fling themselves onto your lap and have no idea they are crushing you. And they do all these crazy puppy things but in the meantime, they are all long legs and giant paws and cuteness.

Gabe is that puppy.

He is so big and so funny and so sweet and adorable and delicious and brilliant, and he totally doesn't know he is all arms and legs and giant feet and HEAVY. He picks out a book and then throws himself onto my lap, even though he is hanging off all over the place. I arrive at the door of his preschool and he runs full force into my arms and knocks me over. He snuggles into my arms and asks to be carried up the stairs and begs me to crawl into bed with him and give him kisses. At the pediatrician the other day, after observing Gabe for a few minutes, he said, "well, he is certainly passionate for you."

And I am beyond crazy about him. Every day I fall more and more in love with him, and it takes all my self control not to swallow him whole, and I threaten to do so all the time, just so he can't leave me anymore. Today I put together the tuition deposit for him next year. He'll be attending a Montessori school five days a week, and it kills me just a little bit that we'll be apart for so much time. I'm thrilled for him, and I have the feeling that he is going to flourish in the Montessori environment (although I'm intimidated by the intensity). He's my baby, though, and I have these moments where I realize we are so close and he still adores me and thinks I am the coolest person ever. We sat together and watched a Disney movie and he asked me to sing along because he loved hearing me sing. You guys, how could I not adore him?


Meika said...

Awww... where's the like button?? :)

Kristin said...

That's so sweet! One recurring fear I have is when my kid gets big enough to ask me to stop singing along with the radio. I already have plans to tell her she can make the rules when she's old enough to have her own car. Because the singing along is not something I'm willing to compromise on.