Monday, March 01, 2010

is a nice tan color too much to ask for?

I'm trapped in paint selection hell. Ugh.

I'm reusing the dining room color and the living room color, so at least those are chosen and I'm praying the colors look good in the new house or we are totally screwed.

Our old bedroom color looks crazy different in our new bedroom, so just redoing that color won't work. I tried color matching my bedroom throw blanket color to the wall color, but it ended up looking brown. Brown, like poop colored brown, and after just painting a tiny strip of the wall, the bedroom started to look like a dirt colored cave. Another trip to the paint store, and I'm not any closer to selecting a color.

Plus, once I select all the colors, I'll be doing the vast majority of the painting on my own, and roping Josh in whenever I can convince him to help. I am not looking forward to all of this painting, but frankly, it's time. I have been resisting hanging up pictures or shelves or curtains because we are waiting for the walls to be painted, and these piles of pictures or boxes leaning against the walls really are not making this place feel like home. I need to bite the bullet and get it over with, and hopefully the painting process won't be as bad as I am anticipating it to be.

Any painting tips before I take the plunge?


Chatty Cricket said...

have you considered any of the Restoration colors? I LOVE their palette and though I do think their quality is amazing, I still take the chip to my local paint store to have the color matched in C2 because I REALLY prefer their paint.

I hear you on the painting. I have the play room, laundry room, Lady's room AND our room to paint. How do I always end up with all this painting every time I'm pregnant? At least I've PURCHASED the paint. Now I just have to get it up on the walls.

Stacy said...

Look for one called Grand Sand Tan by dutch boy. I can even get your the little paint chip number if you want.
I think you will like it.

We repainted 10 of our 14 spaces this past year, so i know how crazy paint can make a person!

Meika said...

Ugh. Painting. I've been living in torn-apart-house-hell for weeks now trying to finish the painting! No advice, I'm afraid. Just commisseration. Gah.