Thursday, March 04, 2010

apparently I'm a community supportive glutton for punishment

We've done the whole community supported agriculture thing before, and as I mentioned last year, I wasn't the hugest fan. I know it isn't a popular stance to take, but I still remember how much I disliked washing those dirty vegetables and coming up with ideas for unknown veggies and making the drive to pick up our box. I wanted to be a supportive and active member in my community, but apparently, I have my limits.

So I'm doing it all over again.

I signed up for another share at another farm. Hopefully this particular farm will provide us with more of the vegetables we actually like to eat, and they even let you specify a "no like" list. I'll definitely be telling them I do NOT like to receive 79 turnips at one time.

This year, though, I am splitting the share with a friend, and I am thrilled about this. We will alternate weeks of pickup, split the boxes of food, and I'm hoping this will lessen the load and make the whole experience more fun. Best of all, included in our share is a "pick you own" option throughout the summer, which means we'll be permitted to go to the farm to pick berries or beans or flowers. I have discovered that 3 year olds LOVE to pick fruits and vegetables, and I love the idea of him seeing where those fruits and vegetables actually come from (besides the supermarket, I mean).

Let's just hope the dirt and bugs don't get to me this time, or maybe I can come up with some kind of outdoor hosing off ritual. Do you think 3 year olds can learn to wash vegetables?


tk said...

you should get some of that fruit wash spray; it seems to make it easier.

Summer said...

Can 3 year olds wash vegetables? Maybe outdoors, with a bucket and a bathing suit....