Wednesday, September 09, 2009

happy first day of school!

Love it, love it, love it. Can I distill this down so a 2.8 year old can understand it?

Today was Gabe's pseudo first day of school. We had an hour long orientation, during which he played happily with play doh and drew on the chalkboard and put on a tool belt and hammered all over the classroom and was basically beside himself with excitement. His little face fell when I told him it was time to leave, and he slumped down onto the bench right outside the door with the most pitiful expression I've ever seen. Shoulders down, arms crossed in front of him, lower lip trembling with sorrow. I sat down next to him and held him against my side, consoling him that school would start for good on Friday and it wouldn't be only an hour and his new friends would be back then. When I finally dragged him to the car, he told me his 'lips were turned down because he was so sad'.

I love this kid. Now if I can just keep up this love of school and learning and all that it entails, we'll be on the right track.


Angie said...

95% of all parents wish their child pouted to stay instead of cried to leave on the first day. lol Way to go, Gabe!

Chatty Cricket said...

with you for a mother? I do believe Gabe is genetically programmed to love school and learning.

(I loved the speech too, this makes Sweetie's head come thisclose to exploding, of course, but I LOVED it)