Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We survived!

I will admit, however, the whole day was far worse than I'd anticipated. The preparation and actual surgery weren't as bad as I'd thought they would be, although having to hold her down while they put her under was painful and sad. I found myself fighting back tears when I took the elevator back up to the pediatric floor to meet Josh, but the hour passed quickly and before I knew it, the ENT called me from the operating room to let me know the surgery was a success.

I walked down to the recovery floor and encountered a hysterical baby who continued to scream for the next 4 hours without stopping. Worse still, there was another family on the pediatric ENT floor who was prepped at the same time, went down to surgery at the same time, and sat with us in the surgery waiting room while we waited to be called in to the OR. While I was holding my screaming baby, their baby was wheeled into the recovery room, and STOPPED BREATHING. It was a horrific, terrifying few minutes, while the anesthesiologist screamed at all the nurses and they reintubated him and began a whole series of procedures to get him stable again. I stood in my little cubicle with a screaming Josie in my arms and cried as I thought of his parents waiting upstairs. Parents who had no idea what was happening with their baby.

It was one of those moments, you know? Where you realize that your whole life can change in an instant? The crying was awful and heartbreaking, but things could be SO MUCH WORSE. I was wheeled up to the main floor where Gabe was waiting, and I told Josh the story while we watched the parents through the glass in the waiting room. Another 20 minutes passed before a doctor came up in person to talk to them, and they left to go to a private room where I assume their son was admitted. We stayed for another 3 hours and didn't see them again. I've been sending up some prayers today that their son is safe and sound and totally fine tonight.

Josie has been slowly improving throughout the day, although it has been rough. Lots of tears, a bit of blood, a decent amount of coughing, and complaints of pain. She's finally asleep now, and I'm hoping tomorrow will be way better. Regardless, though, my sweet girl is sleeping peacefully upstairs, safe and sound and healthy, and I couldn't ask for more than that. Thanks for all your positive thoughts!


divrchk said...

Why on earth did they have you hold her down while they put her under? How horrible? When my daughter had her surgery, they wheeled her away awake and I didn't see her again until she was in recovery. Yikes! I'm glad it's over and it should not have been so bad.

liz said...

Holy guacamole. Hoping recovery is quick and sending hugs.

stacy said...

Big hugs for everyone! More prayer for both babies.
I think you will be amazed at the imporvement once the healing is done. I know I was after my baby gurl got it done.

Anonymous said...

She'll probably be back up and running (hopefully stably) before you know it.

I had my adenoids out at 20 months, so I know at least one mother (mine) who can totally sympathize with you.

For what it's worth, anesthesia makes me hysterical, too. It's likely something she's just going to have to deal with and be prepared for.

No one ever believes me, then after surgery they're all "damn, you weren't kidding!"

And if there's a next time, ask them for a pre-sedative - it's an oral thing that lets them relax a bit before they're taken away. My little D had that for his second surgery when he was 10 mos. At 7 mos, he was too young to be fearful.

Anyway, I hope this is the answer for Josie!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Hope she has a smooth recovery. Sounds like not a fun day.

Meika said...

Oh, my word. I was crying just reading about the other baby! Prayers for that child, Josie, and that you would have just a little less drama in the next few months!

Martha said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile but have never left a comment. I even have a Josie, too! I'm so glad that your Josie's surgery went well. My daughter had surgery last year and I know how awful the process can be. Here's to hoping that this will be your last hospital visit!