Thursday, October 21, 2010

keeping the sanity

Theoretically, if I were thinking about being super pro-active and buying birthday and holiday presents up front, do you have any ideas for the following individuals?
- Four year old boy
- Two year old girl
- Husband who doesn't like anything
I'm thinking maybe Playmobil and Lego stuff for the boy, and doll stuff for the girl? I don't know, she isn't super impressed by dolls yet, to be honest. She likes them fine, but she isn't fawning over them. My gratitude runneth over for your always excellent ideas!


Stacy said...

I agree with building type activites for Gabe but legos only if you do duplo the big ones, otherwise you will have kids eating the small pieces!
I would consider lincoln logs for him. there are some nice big sets. Also they make some cool toddler remote control cars. things like the reading books that can talk to you are awesome for encouraging young readers.
Josie well two is still young to get too much into dolls. I would look for learning toys. kitchen sets are awesome. shape sorters. blocks. touch n feel books and activities. indoor play stuff like the tunnels you can crawl through the inside sized slide would be good for both. Your husband well what about stuff to read, does he like any books or what about magazine subscriptions? tools? does he work around the house at all? does he collect anything? enjoy any sport? love sweaters? get into cars and things for his car? maybe I will spark and idea.
Could you make him a scrapbook of some awesome photos from your life so far? or a photo collage for his office?

Willow said...

If you hubby has any geek-like tendencies, you could check out

OneTiredEma said...

Appropriate for all (even husband, if he's anything like mine): Magnatiles.

They are expensive but really, really worth it.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I have a very difficult husband to shop for as well.

My kids on the other hand are easy to please with gifts. Half the time they dont even realize it's their birthday and they're getting gifts. We also didn't allow them to open everything when they got it - so I still have stuff from Sean's birthday last December and Mack's birthday in June that haven't been opened yet. Oops, better let Sean open some stuff before he gets more stuff for this year's birthday! LOL

Can't help you on the girl front.. I don't have any girls myself, and I have no idea what they're into...

Rev Dr Mom said...

Baby J got this amazing toy kitchen last Christmas, and I can't believe how occupied it keeps her (and Baby M when he is visiting). I gave her Melissa and Doug food sets (which are really cool all on their own) to go with it. I don't remember the brand of the kitchen but I could find out if you are interested.