Sunday, August 22, 2010

how 'bout actual "face-time" instead?

Am I the only one who is sick of Facebook?

I seem to have a different opinion of what the purpose of Facebook is than several of the people with whom I'm "friends", and that opinion is that it isn't your platform for spewing your hatred or bigotry or close-minded political thoughts. And when I voiced that opinion, it is apparently me who is intolerant and ignorant.

I guess I thought Facebook was for, oh, I don't know, keeping in touch with friends? Not for condemning other religions, or posting your long-winded Bible thumping prayers**, or being generally nasty to anyone who disagrees with your opinions.

Ugh, alright I'm stopping now before I start being the offending person to all my readers. I don't know, I'm just not into it anymore, and I'm finding that I don't care about reading the reports from those supposed "long lost friends" who aren't really my friends, and I'm annoyed when I have to read reports from my in-town friends on Facebook rather than hear about them in real life.

Of course Facebook has its benefits, I guess I'm just grumpy and can't see those benefits right now. Grrr.

**Edited to add:

There are Biblical quotes, and then there are "Bible-thumping quotes". I consider those to be verses from the Bible that are very condemning of other religions or sexual orientations or the like. I think you know what I mean. Those are the Biblical quotes that bother me.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that a friendship of 23 years ended when the last straw was her constant status updates being bible quotes. I told her that there were better forums for that type of discussion (I'm Jewish and don't need to be ministered to) and then called her a hypocrite when she posted something nasty about her SIL. You can't be all preachy and then bitchy in the next breath.

Anonymous said...

"posting your long-winded Bible thumping prayers"

Hmmm, that's not very tolerant of YOU, is it?

Anonymous said...

"I have to say that a friendship of 23 years ended when the last straw was her constant status updates being bible quotes. I told her that there were better forums for that type of discussion"

Wow! It's HER facebook page! If that's important to her why shouldn't she put it on her own page! You people who pretend to be so tolerant of all religions sure need to look in the mirror!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the quotes but the update that said to stop spreading rumors and the next update spreading rumors about a family member. How is that in tune with the Christian way that she was preaching? Obviously there was more than FB that was behind this friendship ending. Sheesh!

Chatty Cricket said...


I once unfriended someone for facebooking her divorce through status updates. I honestly think she never noticed. Facebook is perfect for being passive-aggressive.

halloweenlover said...

AND I forgot to mention our friends who actually SPLIT UP because of facebook. Apparently this is a common occurrence. People can't handle the voyeuristic part of seeing their significant others talk to old boyfriends/girlfriends/friends of the opposite sex and end up fighting and eventually splitting up.


Anonymous said...

I have unfriended people because of constant "quizzes" that were merely a way to express hate and bigotry. Because I know these people (friends of my very religious parents), I knew that their hatred was rooted in their theology.

I had to re-friend one of them, because of pressure from my mother, but now I "hide" them all.

Anonymous said...

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BabyMac said...

Don't say I don't do anything for you. Behold a FAB site that will make you giggle. And I think this is EXACTLY what you were talking about....perhaps you could enter a few of your own...? No need to thank me.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I hate a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I've also become infrequent now with my updates and only post generalized stuff on there, nothing too specific about personal stuff. I also keep my wall very clean. I do still post pictures of the kids or I have family member upset for not being able to see updated photos (those who don't live near by). Though, facebook HAS helped me reconnect with people I was looking for after high school or even elementary school. It's also helped me keep better in touch with people who aren't so great at keeping in touch.