Wednesday, August 18, 2010

alert alert alert

They MAY be some movement on the whole third child front. We MAY have some compromise on the horizon, and there MAY be some swaying of the husband to allow us to wait a little bit longer than RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

Do you see me doing a little happy dance on my kitchen floor? Oh wait, I'm stepping over a tantruming Josie and a pile of cars. Here I go again, more dancing.

I think the whole endless-injured-children-amputatedfingers-brokenwrists-loosenedteeth-dislocatedwrists-burntwithcoffee may be talking some sense into Josh. I'm not going to lie, though I'm thrilled to have a bit of breathing room, I'm a little sad too. I was getting excited about the idea about trying for another baby, being pregnant again (although not the whole vomiting nonstop for 26 weeks thing), and then that whole squishy delicious baby thing. I was especially looking forward to that baby thing.

But this isn't a no, this is just a postponement. Hopefully this won't come back to bite us in the tushies!


Anonymous said...

Normally I just lurk but decided I needed to comment .... Please stop dancing around your kitchen filled with cars and tantrum throwing children! Have you not been reading your own blog ... you're going to hurt yourself!!

btw ~ I hope the kids are getting better and this is the end of the bad luck!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Good luck for number 3 when the time comes!!! And lucky you convincing Josh to post pone. Now that we're having a 3rd boy, I had a convince my hubby to even have a third, you think I can convince him to try again for a girl? LOL. I think I am pushing my luck ;) HA!

Anonymous said...

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