Monday, December 28, 2009


My sweet, wonderful, loving, lunatic boy is turning three today.

I know I always say I can't believe it, but this time, I really really can't believe it.

I look at him and feel as if he was just born. It was only last week that I wrapped his tiny body into my arms, only a few days ago that I rocked him to sleep, only yesterday that he smiled for the first time, said mama for the first time, took his first steps.

How is he the same little boy who sings funny songs, tells jokes, gives his sister hugs and kisses, helps me make cookies, rides a freaking bike!

Explain to me how this happened? My sweet easy baby has remained a sweet easy toddler, or as sweet and easy as a toddler can be, I guess.

Gabe is easily appeased, almost always happy, eats everything we give him, sleeps like a dream, and continues to be loving and exceedingly sweet. I always cringe before I write this stuff because I might jinx myself, but I know he won't always be this delicious, so I have to write it down for posterity. He also beats on his sister a little too much for my liking, but let's leave that for a non-birthday post, shall we?

These past three years have been the best of my life, and I can not wait to see what he has in store for us.

Happy birthday Gabe! We couldn't love you more!


liz said...

Happy B-day, Gabe!

Beth said...

It just does seem like yesterday that I was up here at my parent-in laws property eagerly checking the internet to see if your babe had arrived...and now look! I have so enjoyed sharing the journey with you - seeing him grow up into a lovely little boy and learn so much along the way. Congrats and Happy Birthday Gabe!