Monday, August 31, 2009

back in the saddle

I just pressed send on the fax machine for paperwork accepting another offer on the house. We've received a few offers over the last few weeks, but none of them even remotely close to anything we would accept, so I haven't even mentioned them. For the last 3 weeks, though, we've had a family with whom we've been going back and forth, and last week they sent me a lovely letter that finally pushed me over the edge. What can I say? I'm a sap! I want my beautiful happy home to go to a beautiful happy family.

Plus, frankly, I'm ready to be done with this. I'm tired of the showings, tired of the perpetual cleaning, tired of this in-between stage where I don't even want to look at preschools for next year because I have no idea where we'll live. I'm still in that same limbo stage, especially since we are looking at 5-6 different towns, all over the map of Massachusetts, but at least I am doing something. Even if that something is staring at the computer screen and willing more houses to come on the market. Sigh.

Thursday morning is the inspection, and next week is the purchase and sale. I'll be keeping fingers and toes crossed, and probably my eyes too, considering how many MLS searches I've been doing, hoping that the perfect house is going to appear on the market any day now. Annnnyyyy day now.

Please please please let this go through.


Chatty Cricket said...

I think it's so funny, because remember when you wrote the previous owners the sappy letter? Clearly that TOTALLY WORKS.

Ok, tell Josh I'll have his air mattress set up and ready for him whenever he wants to test the commute. And on Sundays when he play soccer, you can come over and we will do NOTHING sports related.

Chatty Cricket said...

Oh and a very cautious YAAAAAY!!

I will keep the Manischewitz (for you) and Chardonnay (for me) corked until after the P&S is signed, and then we can CELEBRATE!

Beers for Josh and Sweetie of course. Unless they want to share the Manischewitz with you. The Chardonnay is all mine.

YG&B said...

"I couldn't even beat him like I wanted to" LMAO!! you are hilarious! and so full of it.

chile, you know i don't come north after august, but i might have to come up and keep you company. i'll see if i can work from your house for a few days without losing my job.