Monday, August 24, 2009

rinse and repeat

Am I the only person that finds playing with toddlers to be mind-numbingly boring?

I feel horrible saying this, but the repetition is killing me. Of course, I sit there anyway and smile and nod and encourage him to turn that puzzle piece one more time, no the other way, no the OTHER way, no seriously, oh forget it. But there are moments when I want to jab my ears with a pencil.

I do love the playdoh, and the coloring, and I certainly love the cute things he says, like pressing two trucks together and calling them a truck sandwich, or telling Josh he loves him and he is his best friend. Still, though, I sit and play and itch to turn on the television or start lunch. I keep reminding myself that not so far from now he'll be a teenager who won't even want to look my way, much less spend his mornings playing with me on the floor. That should buy me ten more minutes of patience, at least.


Beth said...

Amen! You are not alone in this one although you always want what you don't have. I would KILL for some time with the minx just playing at the moment. Wanna freaky Friday swap lives for a week?!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but I bet he will want to be with you when he's a teenager! The topics will be different: music, sex, school, relationships and so on. You'll find it fascinating, the insight into his thoughts.

You have so many great years ahead!

KarenM in NC

The Mommy said...

I know, everytime John grabs my hand to sit in the corner to be bashed, I mean play with trucks, I make myself think that soon he won't want to play with me and I won't be his favorite person. To cherish the bruises and most likely slight concussions that I get when we play together. Boys, gotta luv 'em!

Stacy said...

Yes it is like rinse and repeat alot.
One of the best ways to deal with this is to be sure that you change it up alot. Varry your daily stuff
go to the library for story hour/play time. Go to the zoo. Go to a play date.
Do you have IKEA where you live? they have childrens play areas. Go to the park.
Any time you are feeling this way try to change up a bit.
it won't kill anyone if you do stop and watch an hour of tv a day.
believe it or not kids learn from it. Now that said, its the people who use the tv as a full time baby sitter that cause problems not people who stop and watch a couple shows a day. especially if you are watching kid friendly stuff. Sometimes a baby einstien tape, or dora, or sesame street or barney (yeah one I thought I would never use) can be a good thing for them. and it can give you an hour of much needed sanity!
Mom to 4 (16 dd, 15 ds, 14, ds, 11 ds and soon to be foster mom)
Oh I do work full time.

liz said...

Start teaching him how to cook. That way you're playing with him and giving him a useful skill at the same time.