Thursday, August 13, 2009

and a new school wardrobe too

It's funny, I was so ready to be done with college when it ended, but whenever August comes around, I feel this pang of wishing I were shopping for folders and bedding and posters and planning for roommates and classes and all of that. I miss that excitement and anticipation of a new school year and new teachers and new things to be learned. All this knowledge lying in front of me, and no expectations. At that point, I wasn't sure what I'd do or where I'd go or what I'd become. The sky was the limit.

Not much has changed, in truth. I still don't know what I'll do or where I'll go or what I'll become, I guess, although now I do all my imagining with two kids and a husband in tow.

I do miss those new folders, though.


Chatty Cricket said...

school supplies are my secret passion.

Summer said...

I say you should scratch that itch by going to Target or another megamart and buying some heavily-discounted school supplies. I love this time of year, with the 25-cent crayons and notebooks for a dime.

While shopping for my son's second-grade supplies yesterday, I scored 2-packs of Sharpies for $1... those are good for marking moving boxes.

Kris said...

NSLS and I both have a secret passion for school/office supplies :)

But fear not; in just a few short years you will be doing all that shopping for Gabe and Josie.