Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I spoke too soon.

I have been felled by some kind of death-like virus, and I've been coughing and sneezing and congested and achy and shivering since yesterday. Poor Josie is congested also and has the cutest little cough I've ever heard- it would be adorable if it weren't so pitiful.

We had to cancel our plans for Christmas Eve, which included an annual holiday party we never miss, with delicious food and great friends. Even my parents stayed away today to avoid my germs, and I spent most of the day huddled under the covers with Josie, sleeping and feeling sorry for myself.

Sunday is Gabe's birthday, and I'm just hoping I'm somewhat improved by then. I spent the last 9 months worrying that his sibling would crash his birthday, and in the end it could be me ruining his celebration instead!


Maribeth said...

Oh Sweetie, feel better soon, both of you!
Merry Christmas too!

Anonymous said...

When you're sick, a few days makes a huge difference. I hope the worst is over and you're feeling at least 1/2 way human for Gabe's birthday. Not to worry, love. Just feel better! :::hugs:::

Rev Dr Mom said...

Hope you're both better now!