Monday, December 01, 2008

it must be an old wives' tale

I had my 37 and a half weeks appointment this morning, and nothing. Nada. Zip. No dilation. Again, I shouldn't be surprised, but somehow I'd come to believe that the intense pressure on my pelvic bones, the non-stop peeing, and the crushing pain I feel any time I try to roll over in bed or get up from the couch meant that the baby was perhaps moving things along.

I'd also hoped vainly that all the walking I did this weekend would do something in that area, but nope.

Josh and I had a major life moment this weekend- we left Gabe for the first time ever overnight. Not leaving him until now wasn't something we consciously discussed and decided not to do, we just didn't think of it. We go out to dinner once in a blue moon, we take advantage of grandparents when they are visiting and try to go for coffee or run errands or take walks alone, but we'd never had the time or money to sneak away overnight without him. I left him for a wedding shower in Atlanta, and then for a bachelorette party in Florida, and Josh has left him when he's gone on business trips, or when I've gone to California. But not together, until this weekend.

I didn't even realize what a milestone this was until we were actually on the train pulling into Grand Central Station and New York City was ahead of us and I turned to Josh and said, "Oh my God, we've never left him before!" and he argued for a minute thinking that surely I was wrong, but no, we really have never left him. The funny thing is that in all the planning for this weekend, I never thought about whether I would be sad without him, I only thought about making sure he was happy and well-taken care of and not missing us.

He WAS happy and well-taken care of and except for one incident that involved tears and a request for mommy, he didn't seem to miss us. He was busy with cousins and grandparents and trains and cold morning walks in the Berkshires.

We spent Friday afternoon until Sunday morning sucking in the city sights. Rockefeller Center, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's windows, Greenwich Village, Magnolia cupcakes (my personal highlight, of course), Times Square, Columbus Circle, and the many many Christmas decorations. We walked uptown and downtown and crosstown and saw holiday fairs and stopped for coffee and ate Turkish food and Thai food and diner food and street food (but don't tell my OB), and my feet ached from walking and I took Tylenol and kept walking because it was so lovely to hold Josh's hand and breathe in the cold air and just relax. We walked hundreds of blocks, and I am not exaggerating. And I did it all without bringing my hospital bag to the city, tempting fate to put me into labor 4+ hours from my packed bag, but of course, nothing happened.

It was glorious, and although I'm still exhausted and my feet are still aching and Gabe has been a pill since yesterday (due in large part, I suspect, to spoilage from his grandparents), it was totally worth it and I'm so glad we did it. I'm also glad the first time we leave Gabe will not be when we go to the hospital to give birth, because seriously, how traumatic would that be?

If every time your mom left you she came home with a sibling, you might have some teeny tiny separation problems!


Beth said...

Oh that sounds like a fabulous weekend! I know that everytime Daisy has an overnight stay that she punishes us with revolting behaviour for at least 24 hours after we pick her up just as a thank you for leaving her (even though she is totally fine the minx!). I hope things get moving for you soon...

OneTiredEma said...

The first time we left Miss M it was to go to the hospital...Taxman came home 2 days later; I came home 4 days later with another baby (!).

It was all ok, probably because we had temporarily moved in with my ILs, so she wasn't at home, she was with Grandma and Grandpa on their turf.

Glad you got away--and all the walking in the world won't do nuttin' if bebe isn't ready :-)

my blog said...

You should go sit in one of those demo massage chairs like they have at Brookstone stores in the mall. I was sitting in one tonight when the manager came over to tell me that the back massager in the chair can press a certain nerve in the back that will send a woman right into labor. I decided that I'll be back to visit that chair in about a month and a half. Maybe it would work for you!!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! (and I'm a teensy bit jealous b/c I so miss NYC).

one day in the life of me said...

That sounds so nice!!!

Sadly we have only left our oldest when we had baby #2 and in 21 months we have never left overnight since bringing baby #2 home.

I think we are in need of a kid free weekend.

Glad you guys had a wonderful time!

Meika said...

Don't get too discouraged by your lack of progress! I had a soft cervix at 30 weeks (a little scary), was 2 cm dilated at 36, 4 cm at 39... and still didn't have the baby until 41w1d! I bet you just have a really efficient cervix and you'll do it all at once. :)

And your trip? Sounds *awesome*...

liz said...

I'm so glad you were able to have a little babymoon!