Wednesday, October 19, 2005

an untapped resource

Where have you people BEEN for the last year? I could have SOOOO used your advice in my decorating woes! But no more, I am definitely tapping into you for your wealth of advice.

Next up, my kitchen. I am in some desperate need of advice for my kitchen. And while we are discussing it, my basement too. We have been considering remodeling the basement for some time now, and by remodel, I mean tile the basement and paint it. We aren't daring enough to assume that it won't flood someday, even though it hasn't yet. I am thinking Mediterranean tile, with orangey yellow walls, very bright and fun colors and simple furniture with Ikea spot lighting all over the place.

In other topics, are any of you good at being internet doctors? My leg hurts. It has been aching for 2 weeks now, for no apparent reason. And please don't ask my activity level, it just makes me laugh. Walking to and from the subway and down to Dunkin' Donuts, oh, and around the office to visit colleagues, is the sum of my activity level. Still, it hurts! The pain is this sort of achey pain on the outside of my lower thigh, knee area.

Bloggy doctors, diagnose away!

Tomorrow: pictures of the kitchen.


Alisa said...

I found your blog through Nino's..and since I happen to think you are a very smart lady (you tend to agree with what I say a lot lmao..totally kidding here) I thought I would check out your blog. Hope you don't mind. :)

I love (LOVE) decorating and redecorating. We just moved into our house (a new build) so I am having tons of fun. Can't wait to see the pics. I think what you have planned for your basement sounds AWESOME!

Talk to you later!

Diet Coke of Evil said...

Is it a deep throbbing pain? Is your leg swollen? Is it warm to the touch? Is it red? If you answered yes to these questions, then I would recommend you get thee to a doctor b/c it sounds like a blood clot. Which is muy mal.

However, if you don't have those symptoms, I'll give you my mother's advice when I had those: "They're growing pains."

ccw said...

No clue about your leg. Although you might want to see a doctor. 2 weeks seems like a long time to be in unexplained pain.

Looking forward to seeing the kitchen.

Chatty Cricket said...

Did you bump your leg? Call your non bloggy doctor.

Seafomey green- I have my thinking cap on. I am definitely thinking retro kitchen though, complete with your gorgeous big stand mixer. Embrace the seafoam, make it your quirky kitchen that you love! Maybe painting big stripes on the walls in shades of yellows and greens could give it a slightly "Martha Stewart Living" flair?

Kristin said...

I like momtothelady's suggestion of tricking the place out in retro. One of my neighbors collects '50s appliances, and he found salvaged 1950s cabinets for his kitchen. It looks awesome even though his house was built in the 1850s. It's this little pocket of '50s fun.

Chris said...

I can't wait to redo our kitchen I have been researching things for over two years now. We had *major* sticker shock when we went to buy cabinets and appliances. It keeps getting pushed back in the remodel wagon train because of it.

though i like to pretend I am a dr, i have no idea. Are you perhaps wearing new fall shoes with a different heel on them?

Running2Ks said...

If it isn't getting any better, I'd see a doctor (or at least a chiro). That's a long time to hurt.

Your basement project sounds great--I love Mediterranean and Tuscany.

Ninotchka said...

No advice. Just hope you feel better! And if you don't soon, I'd definitely have it checked out.

Can't wait for pics of the kitchen. Play Decorating-Halloweenlover's-House is FUN!

Because I can't afford to do another thing to this house. Not anytime soon anyway. So I get to live vicariously through you! :)