Friday, October 28, 2005

show and tell: ode to my bed

I think I've mentioned before that I love my bedroom and particularly my bed, and not for any lewd reasons that you might all be thinking (well maybe a couple). I just love everything about it, the antique white furniture that reminds me of New England, the tan (very calming) walls, the pillow top mattress that I never have to flip over, my fluffy comforter and the excess number of pillows on it.

Once Blackbird announced that this week's show and tell consisted of showing off your bed, I had to participate. So here I present to you my favorite spot in the house.

It may not look like much, but it took me quite some time to perfect my bedroom. Our bedroom furniture was easy to choose, because I'd been coveting the wide white slats and creamy color for months. Unfortunately, Josh and I weren't married and didn't live together, so I had to wait to order it until we'd finally moved into an apartment that could fit a queen sized bed and both nightstands and dresser. By the time I could finally order it, some of the pieces were discontinued and I was only able to buy the bed and nightstands. Still, I love them and we just used an antique dresser in oak that my mother-in-law refinished for us.

At that time, my sister-in-law offered to purchase our bedding as an engagement/wedding gift, so we chose the most decadent beautiful bedding we could imagine for our first years of married life together, a wine red duvet cover and pillows with chenille on one side and velvet on the other. Beautiful, but not durable, so when the button holes started to tear within 6 months, I ran to Ikea and picked up a plain tan cover until we found something that worked. Pale tan with white furniture results in a boring room, so when we traveled to Finland after the Bar Exam and my law school graduation, we picked up a Marimekko comforter with huge splashes of black and (what I thought was) tan flowers. Our room was painted a deep tan and all our sheets matched this tan, so I assured Josh that it would work. Ummm, it didn't. The poppy color was a greenish khaki, nothing like the tan of the bedroom or sheets or accessories.

At this point, however, I was afraid that any request for new bedding might result in marital problems, so I lived with the unmatching black and khaki green poppy bedding. I cringed every time I came into the bedroom, though, and my once happy place became less so.

I kept my dislike to myself, and months passed without my secret revealed until one day I confided in my mother how much I hated the bedspread. "Oh thank God," was her answer, "it's hideous." So a deal was struck, and we shopped together for new bedding that would conform with my perfectly good sheets, the furniture and the wall color that I preferred. Since it was a holiday gift from her, little protest came from Josh. That is how I came upon my current bedding that I LURVE.

I love the cheery colors, I love the alternative to have the tan quilt up in the summer with the duvet folded at the bottom, and vice versa in the winter, I love the ties on the sides of the tan pillows (hard to see in the picture), I love the quantity of pillows to nestle in after a long day. The rest of my house is brighter colors and more eclectic decorations, but my bedroom is streamlined and simple.

And I think that is the best way to start the day. Share your bedroom, anyone?


blackbird said...

I love it too!

Gawdessness said...

Okay, I will but after the weekend - Okay?
This is the monday that I have promised myselfself some bedroom luxury including a new quilt bag - so you have to wait.

I love your room it is totally lovely and um, I'm wondering if I can borrow your MIL.
I'll give her back I promise, she just sounds pretty darn good.

Phantom Scribbler said...

No way, man. Not unless you come over and redecorate it with me first. Yours is so lovely!

I promise I'll get to the ugly bathroom challenge this weekend, though.

Chatty Cricket said...

I honestly love your bedroom.

I will not NOT under any circumstances display pictures of my bedroom. Although I love my sage and red toile bedding, and all of our monogrammed sheets, we have not taken the plunge and purchased our bedroom furniture. So, we have a sad bed with no headboard (my bedding deserves better!!), one dresser, and two nightstands that do not match. Plus in an effort to rid the walls of stress inducing brick red paint, I hurriedly picked a very neutral, and very bland shade of Oatmeal Blah (I do believe that is the actual name).

Next to our sad bathroom with the (poorly advised) jacuzzi tub, this is the room I am least likely to brag about. LADY'S room on the other hand.......

Pink Cupcake said...

I'll blog mine, but only once it's tidied up! Nobody would want to see it littered in laundry, newspapers and toiletries as it is right now...

Yours is soooo gorgeous - I love the colours. :)

Yankee T said...

Lovely. I'll try to do mine this weekend.

Ninotchka said...

Yours is lovely.

You've seen the better half of my bedroom: the nursery corner. The rest is, eh. I actually love it but I'm afraid it has a "face" only I can love. LOL I fantasize about making it even better because it has good bones (a ginormous solid oak bed). I'd love to give it a different finish. But Guy thinks I'm nuts to want to do that. He just can't see my "vision." roflol Someday!

nancy said...

Very nice!

Piece of Work said...

oh, that does look cozy!
I'm always taken aback when people have shelves above their beds--such a no no here in earthquake country!

Beanie Baby said...

That is lovely. I am so jealous.

I'm just hoping I manage to repaint my bedroom sometime before we move out, in twenty or thirty years.

Frankie said...

I love it!

So calming and neat.

Girl said...

Alright...there is no way to say this than to absolutely come off like a crazy woman... (how is that for an intro : )

Yesterday I was in Target with my roommate and her friend, who needed to buy a curtain for a window in her apartment. I started meandering around the corner and right in front of me was the MOST fun shower curtain! It is white fabric with black pencil sketch drawings of scenes of Paris! There were people at outdoor cafes, the Eiffel Tower, etc. It would be PERFECT for your bathroom.

I actually stood in the shower curtain aisle in the Target and bemoaned to my roommate that I didn't actually know you, and therefore didn't actually have your phone number so that I could call you immediately and tell you about this find. She, rationally, explained that that would be weird.

So, instead, I am humbly offering to you that the shower curtain (although I can't find it online to show you) is available at the Target Greatland near the Costco at the Wellington Shopping center in Everett. There were only 3 left and I think they were around $24.99.

Ok...that's all for now. Glad I could spend my Saturday pining away for the bathrooms of strangers :)


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