Tuesday, October 25, 2005

brown sugar, maple syrup, chocolate chips, and raisins, OH MY!

I am working on a post with pictures featuring Halloweenlover as Wonder Woman at a work party, but in the meantime, I thought I'd tell you about my breakfast.

Now, one fact you should know about the Halloweenlover household is that mornings are not a happy time. Josh is definitely a morning person, and in order to leave at 7:15am, he wakes up at 6am so that he can take his time getting ready. He likes to eat breakfast, linger over the paper, take a leisurely shower, use the bathroom in peace, get dressed slowly, check and double check his school bag, and finally scoot out the door. For our 7:15 am departure, I am far more likely to wake up at 7am and throw myself into the shower, fling clothes across the room in an effort to find a matching outfit, scream at Josh to grab my cell phone and blackberry and put them into my bag, and find myself at work without having yet brushed my hair for the day. Sometimes I go whole days without brushing my hair (NO JUDGING), and thankfully it is straight enough that you can't really tell.

This isn't that conducive to eating breakfast, as you can imagine, so I often scream at Josh to throw a yogurt smoothie into my bag in addition to the phone and blackberry. And I keep a stash of granola bars in my desk drawer.

This morning, however, my friend informed me that the Au Bon Pain near our work has an oatmeal bar. An honest-to-goodness oatmeal bar with several toppings and flavors you can add to the mix. 3 minutes after hearing that, I hightailed it out of the office and braved the Nor'easter winds that threatened to push me over to view this oatmeal bar for myself.

But kids, I went a little overboard in my zeal for oatmeal. Faced with the sheer quantity of wondrous choices, I piled the brown sugar into the tiny container, pressed some raisins into the mix, added some honey, a little maple syrup, a touch of cinnamon, and as I was pressing the container closed, I spotted a canister of chocolate chips, and I mean, honestly, how could I resist chocolate chips?

And now my oatmeal looks like this and I feel rather like vomiting.

That is chocolate smeared on the side, and what I can only guess is maple syrup, honey and brown sugar pooled at the bottom. My desk is all sticky now, too!

Tomorrow, I'm sticking to the granola bar. Bleh.


Frankie said...

Oatmeal is a food I need to eat without looking at it - it's too mushy and gross, but it tastes good and is pretty healthy!

Personally, I like to put a tablespoon of peanut butter in plain oatmeal, with raisins. It melts and becomes a sauce...it tastes like cookie dough. Mmmm!

I am also not a morning person. It takes me a good hour to stop acting like a vengeful Greco-Roman Gorgon, ready to smite anyone in my path, and start acting like a human being.


empiregold said...

as the old saying goes, "life is short, eat dessert first!"
hurry up with those wonder woman pics. . . and you should also post pics of the deviled egg "pumpkins". . . .

nancy said...

No offence, but I don't want that recipe.

Phantom Scribbler said...

So the oatmeal bar has a learning curve. Next time you'll know to try the honey one day and the chocolate chips the next.

Excuse me, I gotta go make some oatmeal now.

Ninotchka said...

Your hair always looks great and now you add insult to injury by telling us that you can go days without brushing it? WHY I NEVAH!


Gawdessness said...

except for the oatmeal and raisins part, I would swear that you were my kids!

or, um, me.
when you said oatmeal bar I thought you meant like a cookie square and I couldn't figure out for the life of me how you would balance all those things on top of it.

Chris said...

An oatmeal bar... mmmmm. Maybe next time try one topping LOL.

My hair is the same way, you really can't tell if I brush it or not.

liz said...


Piece of Work said...

oh,how can you ruin a good oatmeal with raisons! Sacrilege!!

ccw said...

Did you put corn in it, too?

That really does look gross; I hope it tasted good.