Tuesday, October 04, 2005

party with bono

Guess where I am off to tonight, work permitting?

The U2 concert at the "Garden" or whatever they are calling it these days!!!

YAY! I am really hoping that U2 plays old songs, though, because I'm not all that familiar with the new stuff. Luckily, I am going with my favorite work colleague and her husband so Josh and I should have some fun.

Tee hee! Any requests just in case Bono asks what I'd like to hear? I'm sure he will ; )


Running2Ks said...

Beautiful Day, One, Sunday Bloody Sunday....Congratulations! I am a tad jealous, but I know you'll post all of the great details. Have a blast!

jo(e) said...

Hope you are having a great time!

Phantom Scribbler said...

So! jealous!

I want all the details at our next blogger meet-up. Unless you are kind enough to post them all in this space tomorrow...

Frankie said...

Lucky duck!

I saw the Elevation concert...they are so amazing in person!

Honey Bunny said...

no offense, but YOU SUCK!


all i wanted for my birthday was tix to see U2. they have been my favorite band since i was 10 and i've never seen them live :(

but my man got tickets to see Hairspray, which was just as fun. i hope you had a good time!