Tuesday, January 25, 2005

my lovely husband

We live outside of Boston, and if you've seen the weather reports this past week or so, you've seen that we've broken records for the most snow in one month in the last 113 years. I am super excited that we moved back for this event, of course. I know that what is adding to my trauma over all this snow is that we have moved into a house as opposed to an apartment and now we have to shovel. Or I should say that my lovely husband shovels when he is home and when he is gone I have to do it. During our blizzard of last weekend he shoveled and used the snowblower several times and I was immensely grateful. But his thoughtfulness doesn't end there.

This Monday morning, at 4:30 am, when the taxi driver arrived to pick him up and take him to the airport, he realized that after our record snowfall and his snow-clearing job, the plow had pushed snow into our driveway again and when I woke up later that morning I was going to have to shovel. So what did he do? In a suit, in the dark, with his work shoes on, in single digit temperatures and the taxi waiting, at 4:30 AM, he grabbed the shovel and cleared the driveway for me again so that I could sleep for 20 minutes longer.

That, my friends, is true love.


Kris said...

That is just THE BEST. True love! Brian would do the same thing, so I can enjoy this story without too envious.

Shawnee said...

I know its a little late... but that is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

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