Thursday, January 27, 2005


My husband, two dogs and I lived in New York last year and after lots of discussing decided to move to Boston (where we went to school, where he's from) this past summer. Since we were already making the move from the Big City, we decided why not take the leap and move to the suburbs. It made perfect sense at the time, we could afford a house, we'd have a yard for our two pups, we could get a car, invest money, blah blah blah. We kind of didn't think about whether it would be a shock to go from Manhattan and our beautiful but massive doorman building with the grocery store and dry cleaning in the basement and the subway half a block away, to a quiet little colonial in a quiet little neighborhood with very quiet neighbors.

I do love our house and our neighbors and our town and our life, but lately I have felt a need to chat away in a journal type form. I spend all day using my brain, so this is more of a venting forum, and a place to post nonsense.

So here we go!