Friday, April 23, 2010

vegas, baby

Well, let's sum up the trip, shall we?

I took a knife skills and self defense class from crazy marine reconnaissance mission guys, learned about the art of interrogation and lie detection from a former (25+ year) CIA operative, and then practiced the art of seductive dance with a stripper (lap dances and chair dances). Watched Elvis strip and take money off of my friend T with his teeth. Laughed so hard in a casino I lay down on the floor and thought I might actually pee my pants. Relaxed by the pool for hours soaking up the sun while Bostonians got snow flurries. Almost collapsed on Monday morning from multiple days of sleep deprivation and a red eye flight.

It was fabulous and amazing and ridiculously fun. I am so stinking lucky to have such funny and confident and beautiful and fun and kind and generous and loving friends. I saw the trailer for the new Sex and the City 2 movie, and Samantha says, "Men, babies... it doesn't matter. We're soul mates." and it made me think of these girls. We don't live in the same city with unlimited budgets and the ability to lunch together every day, but we do continue to make the effort through the years. We've been lots of places, through lots of milestones, the good and the bad and the distances, and we're still holding strong.

Now if only I could get back to Vegas where no one is asking me to change any diapers. Hmm.


Kristin said...

Glad you had such a great time! Sometimes you just need some girl time. :)

Chamiza said...

that is so funny, I saw that trailer and thought of us too!!! I am glad the movie opens the night before T's wedding celebration so I won't have to be sad about how I can't see you!!