Monday, January 11, 2010

desperately random thoughts

1. Am sick. Again. Caught a nasty virus from the kiddos and have been gooping my way through the last couple days with tissues and a bad attitude. Gabe appears to be healthy, thankfully, and Josie is slowly recuperating, although we're still up a few times per night and she is still exceedingly cranky. You know what would help? If I went to bed before midnight once in a while.

2. Was invited to a weekend away to St. John (!!I KNOW!!) by my college roommate who would pay for the hotel room and I'd only have to pitch in for my ticket. The idea of lying on a warm beach with a pina colada is enough to bring tears to my eyes, but it won't be able to happen for a number of reasons including my daughter's reluctance to take a bottle and our lack of funds. Still, I selfishly explored the possibility because HELLO, I would love a few days of relaxation. Anyway, when I told my mom about the invitation, she rather vehemently responded that, "A mother does NOT leave her children. Don't be ridiculous. When Josie is 16 you'll be sorry you ever thought about leaving her." What? Am I the only one who thinks that is a crazy comment?

3. Have discovered the show Criminal Minds and now want to become a profiler for the FBI. I am totally convinced I'd be awesome at this job, and except for having no idea how one becomes a profiler and not wanting to put myself in danger on a daily basis, would totally do it.

4. When Josh came into this marriage he folded his shirts very narrow, maybe 5 inches wide or so. I came into this marriage folding shirts very wide, maybe 12 inches or so. I have slowly converted him to my folding method over the years, but this results in problems when our mothers offer to help us with laundry because his mother folds our shirts 4 inches wide and mine folds out shirts 16 inches wide. I don't want to seem ungrateful, so I don't correct anyone, but it is annoying. Are we the only ones who have this problem?

5. Speaking of mothers, I was complaining to a decidedly nunnish friend about an incident years ago wherein my mother in law insisted on opening Josh's top nightstand drawer in search of batteries. I kept yelling at her NOT to open the drawer because, well, we keep condoms and sex, um, paraphernalia, in there, but she did it anyway and then quickly shut it again when she realized there were, indeed, no batteries in there. My friend expressed appropriate outrage on my behalf and then said, "Doesn't she know you never look in someone's top nightstand drawer? I mean, everyone keeps their vibrator in there." And then I almost died because I could never, never, ever, ever, amen, imagine this friend to have a vibrator. If it weren't for the fact that she has a child, I'd swear she was a virgin.

6. Am feeling much better about the whole moving thing, probably because I visited our new library for the first time and it is Gorgeous, with a capital G, and I was remembered at our neighborhood convenience store and greeted by name. Also, a neighbor invited me over for coffee and chocolate croissants and another brought over a bottle of wine. I could get used to this, I think.
(I also am not underestimating the power of saying (or writing) my feelings out loud and addressing them. I greatly appreciate all your advice and sympathy. I know that these days, we are incredibly lucky and I should count myself blessed.)

7. Fought with dry cleaners today because they ruined my nursery rocking chair slipcover, and after a bit of arguing and standing my ground, convinced them to pay the $300 it would cost to replace the slipcover. My hands were actually shaking because I was so stressed that they would refuse to pay the money and I'd be left without a slipcover. It reminded me once again of the question of WHY I would have chosen to go to law school when I so adamantly hate confrontation. It may end up being the great question of my life. I'm feeling very proud of myself tonight, though.

8. Any great book recommendations? I finally (after being begged by Josh) read The Hobbit (from The Lord of the Rings series) and was pleasantly surprised, although I think I'll take a break before I continue the series. I just started Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and wow. Weird. Interesting, but very very weird.


Chatty Cricket said...

Now you need to march that cute bootay over to the Library and request The Help.


And your friend needs to find a better place to keep her vibrator unless she wants her child to come downstairs one day while she's hosting bridge club using her vibrator as a microphone to sing Old MacDonald to the general delight of all of her equally nunnish friends. Might I suggest her top drawer?

Stacy said...

Have you read the Davinci Code, Angels and Demons, and the Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Excellent books.

Summer said...

Regarding #2, your mom is either nuts or jealous. Or both. Taking a long weekend vacation IS something a good mother would do... it's essential to be able to recharge every once in a while.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to take a weekend (or even a week, when they are old) away from your kids!

Not a big fan of Dan Brown, but I did make my way through the Lost Symbol recently. Have you read People of the Book or The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane? Both good reads.

halloweenlover said...

Read all the Dan Browns and liked them, and am placing an request for The Help, but the hold list is beyond long.

My mom is sooo like that, she has definite opinions about appropriate behavior for mothers.

I WISH her child would sing old macdonald with her vibrator. Only if I am invited to that dinner, though.

Are all of you not watching Criminal Minds? You MUST watch it! I am in love with one of the characters. He is delicious.

Beth said...

Your mothers comment is strange. I agree that time away is essential and that the only thing you will be regretting when Josie is 16 is the fact that you have a 16 year old daughter.

So. Books. Rob just read the new Ben Elton book which he really enjoyed called Meltdown. I am one book down in the Girl with a Dragon tattoo trilogy and it is GOOD. They are by Steig Larsson (I think) and are great!

TK said...

My maid of honor worked on Criminal Minds forever. Apparently the people on the show are super nice. Anyhoo, I think you should have gone (can you still go? is it this coming weekend) to St John -- gorgeous! I bet Josie would take a bottle just fine once she'd gone a day without food. ALSO, I would have totally stopped that MIL situation by being all, "oh, it seems you want to look through my drawers. Let me show you the fantastic sex toys your son and I have found! Here are our handcuffs that go over the doorjamb, here is the chocolate body paint (although if you and the mister try this one, put down towels!), here is . . . ." until she either ran away in shame or got a good list together for the Hustler Store (or both). :) Feel better!

Jennifer said...

I love the blog and LOVE Criminal Minds! If the yummy character you are referring to is Shemar Moore (sp?) then I'm right there with you! lol

After MUCH hesitation I took a weekend long beach trip for the first time ever this past summer and left the kids with my hubby! It was so refreshing and I definitely came home recharged! I would recommend it!!

Anonymous said...

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