Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dearly departed

A moment of silence, please, for my patience.

It seems to have lost its life somewhere on the battlefields of 2009 and has not yet been glimpsed in 2010.

I'm hoping it will reappear at some point before Gabe turns 4. Hopefully.


Beth said...

I hear you sister! I am EXACTLY the same. It's ugly isn't it?? I blame the 3 year olds. Plain and simple. It's not our faults!

heddie said...

Um, yeah...why does three years old SUCK so incredibly much? It's like walking on eggshells at my house. We never know from moment to moment what mood he'll be in or what will send him into irrational fits at the drop of a hat. Sometimes it takes every ounce of self control out of me -- I want to be the one having the tantrum! I love my son desperately and want to cherish every moment of his childhood, but my lord I can't help but look forward to FOUR with high hopes for us all :)