Tuesday, July 14, 2009

thank goodness for ice cream

After all that sweetness and love from the last post, today I was ready to sell my son on Ebay. His behavior today was ATROCIOUS. Horrible. Terrible. Awful. I actually considered crying by lunchtime, because I couldn't believe I had 8 hours left in the day. He'd had 3 time outs by 10am (during one of which he retaliatory peed on the time out chair), then he skinned his knee at the park during a playdate and refused to stop screaming about it for AN HOUR, so we had to leave the playdate in shame, and when he still wouldn't calm down at home, I put him down for his nap without lunch. I was at a loss for what to do because he had honestly lost his mind. He kept screaming and screaming and screaming and nothing I did helped, except for the nap. That nap helped, but he resurrected the crazy behavior in the evening and then retaliatory peed in his stroller because I wouldn't let him get up and walk in the grocery store.

I am not joking about being ready to set up shop on the corner with a big sign saying "MOTIVATED SELLER. PLEASE BRING ALL OFFERS."

So there you go, Gabe isn't always a sweetheart. My friends tend to think I'm lying about his bad behavior because he does turn on the charm when we're in public, but here is my proof. Not always perfect, not by a longshot.

We had some nice moments, though. We went to a farmer's market and had ice cream, and while I walked around and picked out vegetables he tickled Josie's feet and laughed with her. During dinner he was incredibly cute and kept sharing his green beans around the table, while providing commentary about what he was doing, "Oh, one for Mommy, one for Daddy, one for Josie. Oops! Sorry green bean, I just didn't see you there, here you go."

I'm just hoping he remembers all the other cute moments, rather than the screaming I have done today, especially after the peeing incidents. Sigh. There's always tomorrow.


Beth said...

Oh dear! Gotta love 2 year olds. Let's hope that tomorrow is a better day...I am sure it will be! I do love reading this though so I know it's just not MY 2 year old that does all those things...

Angie said...

When he wets his pants what are you doing as a consequence for the behavior?