Sunday, July 26, 2009

catching up

1. Thank you so much for all the words of confidence and sympathy, and I especially thank you for not telling me how much we suck, even if you really do think we do. I've been in a fragile state of mind over this whole thing, and that might have sent me over the edge.

We've taken a step back from the whole situation and are trying to just think through this rationally and calmly. That means we are not shipping the dogs off to my parents' house, as much as we might like to, and Josh has (at least for the moment), stopped endlessly complaining about everything they do. I'm trying to come up with concrete solutions for how we can improve everyone's lives- ours and the dogs. We'll see how it goes over the next few weeks and then reevaluate.

2. Last week Gabe had a little incident where he ran into the very pointy corner of our dining room buffet with his EYEBALL. That's right, his eyeball. Talk about taking the heat off of the dogs. We had to make an emergency trip to the doctor where they dyed his eyeball and looked for corneal abrasions and checked the back of his eye and all that. It looks like he is fine, but he had a nasty laceration all along the outside of his eye socket and on the inner corner of his eye that was bleeding, plus a huge area of burst blood vessels on the actual white part of his eyeball. It was traumatic for all involved, but thank goodness he is fine. The doctor kept saying repeatedly that he was a lucky boy, and my stomach churns any time I think about the alternative.

3. My daughter has decided her one true love is power cords. POWER CORDS. I'm just going to let you mull that over so you can envision what my day looks like these days.

4. Tomorrow is my 31st birthday! ACK! 30 felt so much younger than 31 for some reason.

5. We are still showing the house and having open houses and tons of interest, but still no offers so I think we are dropping the price. Sadly. I'm too depressed about this to spend much time thinking about it, but I'm just going to hope for a good offer and try not to dwell on the question of whether or not we should have negotiated more with our first buyers. Sigh.

6. On Saturday we are leaving for the Cape for a week where my inlaws have rented a house. I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about this, although not so excited about the packing and about trying to keep the house neat during the packing. I'm a little stressed about that part, but still excited about the beach part. Also not excited about the wearing of a bathing suit part, but yes for ice cream and grandparents as babysitters and swimming.

7. How about all of your summers? Good? Great? We are having a great summer except for the less than stellar weather around here. I've come to realize that having a toddler during the summer is amazing, though. We go swimming every day, eat ice cream every day, enjoy the lazy mornings and late afternoons, and the days go by so gloriously slow and are so much fun and I am treasuring these days.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm so glad Gabe's eye is okay--that must have been terrifying.

And here you are coming to where I live right when I'm heading north to take care of Baby J for a week! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Maribeth said...

Glade that Gabe is okay. What a scare.

liz said...

What they just said.

Also, have fun on the Cape! If you're going to Wellfleet, say hi to the guy at the used bookstore on the pier for me.

If you're going to Truro, get some ice cream at the Dairy King!

If you're going to P-Town, get some fudge from the Penny Patch!

Meika said...

Happy birthday! I didn't know that you were younger than me - by 1.35 years or thereabouts. For some reason I thought we were exactly the same, which, why? Kind of funny.

Gabe's eye = yikes!!! So glad he's all right. Also yikes with Josie's latest obsession!

Our summer? Has been COLD. We go back and forth each day - it feels like spring! it feels like fall! it feels like spring! *sigh* Otherwise, good, though. Thanks for asking. :)