Tuesday, January 27, 2009

they're lucky they are so cute

How is today going, you ask?

Well, let's see...

As of this morning, we're upping the dose for Josie in the hopes that it'll help a little more. This morning there was a period of screaming followed by much spit-up, so we're hoping she just needs a little more baby Zantac.

Gabe caught a virus from a child at his toddler program because her parents sent her to school even though she went to the hospital in an ambulance over the weekend with complications from a cold. We spent most of last night up with him while he cried and coughed and cried and coughed. So far today he's sneezed on Josie apparently 72 times.

Gabe sprayed himself in the eye with shower cleaner this afternoon, so I've spent the last couple of hours on the phone with Poison Control and the pediatrician, and then holding him down on the floor of the shower, holding his eye open and pouring water into it. He was thrilled about that, as you can imagine.

And because what we're really lacking around here is more hormones, I got my period. At 6 weeks postpartum, breastfeeding around the clock, and pumping even more milk on the side. I didn't even know this was possible. Isn't this a little unfair? I thought it was a given with breastfeeding that I'd get a break on this particular subject. Apparently not.

Both children are still alive, though. I'm pretty sure I'm still sane. Please send a dairy-free, non-chocolate dessert our way.


ttulizzy said...

Wow, just catching up! Hugs and virtual jello coming your way...you pick the flavor!

Mom to Baby J said...

Oh man. You seriously deserve the best mother award or something. And the whole period thing, yeah it sucks. I bled for a looong time after Baby J was born and then got my period not long after that. Great.

I hope everything gets better soon!!! You need some relief! Is your mom coming to visit any time soon? Do you have a friend who can come over and help for a bit?

Rev Dr Mom said...


Meika said...

Okay. You win. :)

So, so sorry about the traumatic week! Aren't those days awful??

I have an infant with RSV, a toddler on her second napless day, and a husband out-of-town... but I think I'll count my lucky stars right now. Hoping that things get better for you from here!

MaggieBrown said...

I hate when people take kids into school with illness. Our preschool just implemented a new program - Germy Wormy Germ Awareness and it is amazing how well the kids responded to it. you might want to check it out.