Monday, November 10, 2008

samma has a lot to say

My Jewish son turned to me over the weekend and out of the blue said, "Mama! Samma say HO HO HO!"

His inflection was perfect, and he'd even accomplished a deeper than normal HO HO HO, but I still thought I must have heard wrong. So I asked what an owl says, "Whoo, whoo," he replied. "And what does Santa say?" "Ho ho ho!" Clear as a bell.

We have no idea where he got it from, since I haven't been talking about Santa, and the toddler program woman claims she hates Santa and wouldn't have talked about it, and plus, Halloween just happened! Who is talking about Santa already? He watches some television, but everything is pre-recorded, so no commercials.

Do kids just absorb Santa by osmosis? It's a mystery, but I told Josh that unless his Jewish kid comes home talking about Jesus or claiming the Jesus will save him, we probably don't need to worry.


APL said...

Wasn't it Gabe whose due date was Dec. 25? (Or am I confusing him with another friend's baby?)

Mom to Baby J said...

He's so cute. And where do they come up with these things? My friend's two year old son started saying,"Sarah Palin's crazy!" out of the blue...I mean, she is but how does he know? :)

halloweenlover said...

Gabe's due date WAS December 25th, so maybe he heard all the Christmas music in utero? His actual birthday is the 28th, though, and this baby's due date is the 19th. Josh and I have been saying that someone up there really wants us to have a Christmas baby!

liz said...

It's osmosis.

And MM knows who Santa really is. Sigh. I come from a Christmas celebratin' Jewish family

Meika said...

That's too funny! I came from a Christian family, but my folks weren't too gung-ho on Santa and pretty much just didn't say anything about him at all. I was the one telling my mom that Santa had gotten me this or that, and she'd tell me that no, she'd made that or bought it for me. No idea where I picked up on Santa, but I remember being so convinced that my mom was just plain WRONG.

It'll be interesting to see what he's expecting when Christmas rolls around!