Monday, November 24, 2008


Gabe's new big boy room has a big boy bed in it that he seems to love. It is cute and low to the ground, with a beautiful rail all along one side, and adorable train bedding. Gabe loves to lay in the bed and read and drink some milk and brush his teeth. Gabe, however, has no interest in actually sleeping in the bed.

I was hoping to do the transitional thing and start the bedtime routine there and then move to naps and finally to actual night sleeping in there, but so far he is very much loving his crib. He's also stopped climbing out of his crib because he seems to like it so much.

So what do I do? I kind of need the crib for this new resident that is slated to arrive relatively soon, but I don't need the crib now. I need it maybe 4-5 months from now. But I wanted some period of transition before I remove him from the crib and plop in the newest owner. I was looking for a couple of months of an empty crib to get him to somewhat forget that he used to sleep in the crib and get used to the idea of the baby having the crib instead.

I tried to talk Josh into moving the crib into his new room for a little while, but that suggestion was met with stubborn refusal. Apparently it is "too much work" to do that, and we already bought the twin bed and I need to come up with an alternative solution. My alternative solution does not include making my son miserable or forcing him into a bed if he isn't ready or getting less sleep then I'm already slated to get over the next couple of months.

But what should I do? Should I ask around to borrow a crib? Dismantle the crib myself with my massive belly? Push ahead with plans to switch him to his bed even though I feel in my heart of hearts that he isn't ready? Help!


Beth said...

I know ALL about these changes...Daisy went into her big bed on Friday. You know I think I was more anxious about it than her but I went cold turkey on her - just took the cot away and then TA DA the bed was there for her and that was it. Love it or lump it. BUT that said she was HATING the cot so anything had to be better than that. She LOVES the bed but we still have some bedtime issues - but they are bad habits and I think not the bed. So...I really don't know what you should do - I would keep him in the cot until you really need to make the move - you don't need thge added stress and maybe when babe 2 comes along he will get some sort of urge to the big brother and be all big and sleep in his bed? Who knows!

liz said...

Ask Moxie!!!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Would it be easier to start with naps and then move to bedtime?

OTOH, maybe when he's 4-5 months older and has a sibling, sleeping in a 'big boy bed' will have more appeal, especially if you keep presenting it as an attractive option without too much pressure.

liz said...

Hows about, "I can snuggle with you longer in the big boy bed!"