Saturday, September 13, 2008

maybe low cut shirts will distract everyone

My stomach has finally exploded to achieve it's full 6 and a half months pregnant potential. I'm enjoying the fully pregnant look and finally fitting into my maternity clothes.

Unfortunately for me, it seems that my ass is expanding to counter balance the large belly. The scale isn't showing the pounds changing, but I see it as I look in the mirror every morning.

The cupcakes could also possibly not be helping, but I'm not yet ready to give those up.


Beth said...

But that's what the breastfeeding is for...remember how much you can still eat AND loose weight? Eat up! And no one will be looking at your fat ass anyway ;)

Anonymous said...

We need pictures. I'm sure you look great!

Infant Attorney said...

Isn't pregnancy a free pass to eat whatever you want?

Chamiza said...

Just show off your ta ta's at Mijha's wedding. She told me she wanted everyone showing cleavage--or wait, did she saw no one....I am sure you are exempted beautiful matron of honor!