Wednesday, September 03, 2008

lap child on a plane might be a problem when your lap is seriously diminished

Things are looking up these days on the patience front. This may or may not have to do with the fact that I went away on a girls' weekend for the first time ever since Gabe was born. My inlaws graciously volunteered their house in Sarasota, Florida for my law school friend's bachelorette party, and last weekend we all headed down there for a fun-filled weekend of partying and sunshine.


Hurricane Gustav decided to make his presence known from the moment we touched down until the moment we took off. Monday afternoon, however, as I boarded the plane, was gloriously sunny and warm. Every other day, however, the windows inside the house were dripping with condensation because of the sheer quantity of monsoon type rain and winds and mugginess outside. My inlaws' ceiling actually started leaking in the breakfast area and I had to make a very unpleasant call to them on Sunday evening to let them know that I was afraid the roof was caving in on us.

Still, it was nice to be responsible for myself for a change, and not to have to deal with the ever-changing demands of a tiny person. Except for the one housed inside me, I mean. That person was well taken care of with chocolate chip cookies and ice cream and pizza. Isn't that what you eat on vacation? That same little person woke me up in the middle of the night on each night we were in Florida with acidy-burning-my-throat-alive acid reflux, so perhaps he or she was less than grateful for my food choices. I even called my mom at 3 am just to ask her what I could possible do with home remedies to make it stop, since I had no medicine in the house.

The little break was good for my spirit, because I've come back refreshed and missing Gabe and Josh desperately. It also helps that I've acquired that much desired spurt of nesting/cleaning/decluttering energy promised in the second trimester. I feel good, mostly, I have tons of energy, and I'm excited and happy for this baby to arrive. I've spent hours during naptime scouring the internet for ideas on Gabe's big boy room, and throwing out things we've kept in storage for 6 years of marriage. I think the charities I've been calling for pick-ups must be wondering where on earth we've been keeping this much junk. Just yesterday morning, I threw out 10 years worth of college twin sheets and blankets and old clothes and microwaves and law school textbooks (because honestly, what was I doing with my constitutional law text?) and plates and mugs and magnets. My front yard looked like a garage sale, minus the organized tables. I have things listed on Craigslist and Ebay and I'm taking any reasonable offer for people to haul away my stuff.

The guest room or Gabe's future room is a veritable disaster of books and papers and pictures that need to find a home in the very near future. Plus, to make matters even more crazy, I'm leaving TOMORROW for California for 2 weeks, then flying straight to Atlanta where I'm the matron of honor in my friend's wedding, then back to Boston, and the next day Gabe starts school at his new toddler program. Phew. I'm tired just writing it all down, much less living it.

I'm keeping my eyes on the prize, though. Once September 21st hits, there will be no more traveling, no more craziness, and I can focus on my new obsession- picking bedding for Gabe's new room. Do you have any idea how much a pregnant woman can obsess over whether a toddler or twin bed is better? Or whether the alphabet or trucks is more appealing with a toddler? Blue or red duvet? Blue or green or yellow walls? Is two rooms in the house painted yellow too much? What about rugs? Seriously, this is what keeps me up at night.

I suspect I'm avoiding considering the whole placenta thing too, and every time I go to the bathroom I nervously eye the toilet paper, just waiting for a speck of blood to appear and my whole world to come crashing down. I'm in a rush to get the house in order because I know that at any moment I might have to go on bed rest and that is terrifying. Terrifying. So I avoid the thoughts and focus on September 23rd, when we'll have the ultrasound that will tell us what is likely to happen come December. Keep up your placenta moving thoughts. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I have been feeling more kicks in the cervical region and I hope that is a harbinger of good things to come. I hope my placenta is a mover and a shaker, that's for sure.


Chatty said...

Listen, whatever keeps your mind off of the placenta is a-ok.

And no, two yellow rooms is not too many yellow rooms in the house, says the lady with four blue rooms and an entire hallway (downstairs and up) that is blue as well.

I cannot believe you are going TOMORROW!!! When you touch down again you will need to come directly to my house to meet the baby because there is no way I am allowing him to be housed in my uterus much longer. Have a safe trip!!

Beth said...

Bring on Sept 21! In the meantime enjoy the time away and good luck with Gabe when you get up lady!

AudreyC said...

Twin bed - why waste the money on a toddler bed when you'll soon need a full-length bed? Plus, personally, I think that the bedding options are much better when you're looking at "real" beds vs. toddler beds. *End assvice.*

Have a wonderful time on your trips!

OneTiredEma said...

What Audrey said.

Toddler beds are used in my house...from age 14 months to about 2 yrs. After that, not so much. Anything that uses a crib mattress? Pretty damn small.

DRYinGA said...

last weekend was tons of fun! thanks so much for being an incredible host. i can't wait to see you and gabe in a few weeks and i promise to let you get lots of rest!

Meika said...

That placenta is SO going to move for you. You can just borrow my confidence!

I would be doing the same decorating mania... but we just found out that more layoffs are coming. Grrr. Quashes the fun a little. :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I'm traveling to FLorida with both boys in January. Sean I have to pay full fare, he'll be over 2. And Mack will get to sit on my lap. Fun. I am not looking forward to the 3.5 hour flight.

Sean's big boy room has a crib. I wasn't ready to put him into a big boy bed yet. Not ready. Neither is he. He doesn't stay put. That's not happening....! And his room is all Habs. He's obsessed with Hockey. Oh and the Alphabet. He's obsessed with the alphabet too.