Monday, August 11, 2008

toddlers are germy

Okay, okay, you all have convinced me to do it. I found myself obsessing over whether to do the toddler program or not, and after reading all of your posts, and confirming with the program's instructor that we could cancel if it didn't go well at all, I decided to do it. Since making the decision, I have felt a HUGE measure of relief. That tells me that my choice is probably the right one.

I'm still nervous about being away from him for a whopping 8 hours a week, but I'm also excited to see how he does with the program, and excited to have some time alone to do all the things I barely have time for these days. You'll laugh, but I'm so happy to have time to clean my house and do my laundry and keep things picked up and organized. All of those things have to get done at some point, but I constantly feel overwhelmed by the minimal amount of time I have to work on them. Imagining what it will be like to have 8 hours of uninterrupted time to do everything, plus nap times after that, feels luxurious. Plus, the thought of being able to take the dogs to the vet, or me to the OB, without packing 89 toys and snacks to keep Gabe entertained is awesome.

Now I'm just hoping he likes it.

The opportunity to do a different program only one day a week popped up over the weekend also, and I was tempted. I thought it would resolve my nervousness over Gabe being away for too many hours, but talking to my parents and Josh and my in-laws convinced me to stick with the two day a week program. It'll be more stable for Gabe, and everyone else insisted that I'd regret it terribly when I realized that one day a week was nothing.

So we're signed up and ready to go and I'm excited. Gabe won't actually be starting until September 22nd, because we're going to California to visit my parents for the first two weeks of the program. We're just working to survive between now and then, because Gabe is sick AGAIN. I broke down and took him to the pediatrician this afternoon because I simply cannot tolerate any more whining and crying and being up at night. What was the result? Another bout of Coxsackie (otherwise known as Hand, Foot and Mouth). For those of you keeping track, this is his 4th time with Coxsackie, the second actual Coxsackie infection in a month, the third overall illness in a month. I'm exhausted. Our sleep is a disaster, Gabe is falling apart, and both Josh and I are moping around the house with sore throats and congestion. We need some serious immune boosting around here!

At least the weather is rainy and gloomy too, so we're not missing out on too much!


Beth said...

Great news on the program! Well done for taking the plunge...I am SURE you won't regret it and you will both really enjoy the break. I hope you get better soon - one good thing to all this illness could be that when he starts he won't be catching everything/anything going around cause he has already been there done that! Right? Take it easy..

Maribeth said...

Glad you decided to do the program.
Take care and feel better soon!

Meika said...

Oh, Coksackie (NO idea how to spell that, sorry) sucks... so sorry he's got it again!

TWO CHOICES??? We need to move. This would be so up our little one's alley, and I can't find ANYTHING in our area for an under-three - except for regular daycare, and they usually prefer full-timers. Her one hour in the church nursery each week is like her little piece of heaven on earth... Good luck! I hope it goes well! Now that I'm thinking about it and remembering when you were pregnant, and his little baby pictures, I can't believe he's already big enough for this!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Sorry to hear that Gabe got Coksackie again. Poor fellow. I hope that it doesn't come back again anymore.

Glad you've put Gabe into the toddler program, Im sure he'll love it.