Wednesday, August 20, 2008

in the slow lane

The placenta hasn't moved.

Our ultrasound was yesterday, and I'm undeniably upset. The good news is that it is no longer a complete previa, but the placenta is still covering part of the cervix and I've been put on pelvic rest until the next ultrasound (September 23rd). A high risk doctor did the actual ultrasound, and he was pretty positive about our chances for movement before delivery, so I'm trying to stay positive too. I'm avoiding all thoughts of what might happen if it hasn't moved by September 23rd, because those are the kinds of thoughts that might push me over the edge of anxiety (bed rest, bleeding, surgery).

We did get a chuckle out of the appointment, though, when I probed further about the definition of pelvic rest.

OB: No sex.
HL: But what exactly does that mean?
OB: No intercourse.
HL: So no orgasms?
OB: Oh no, orgasms are fine.
HL: Ohhhh, thank God. That's fine then.

(Big laugh from the room)

High Risk OB: I guess he'll just have to work a little harder, then.

(More laughter)

OB: All we're saying is please don't put objects in your vagina. Everything else is fine.
HL: Oh great, that's not a big deal at all. (visible relief)

(Josh tries to sink into the floor from mortification)

We had a full ultrasound look at the baby, who is still appearing adorable and healthy and perfect. We got some 3-D pictures of the little cutie smooshing itself up against my placenta with one little hand against its nose and the other hand caressing the umbilical cord. It was so strange to watch it play with the umbilical cord and see it wrapped all around the baby. It makes me a little nervous, but the high risk OB said that the cord is unbelievably slippery, which is why cord accidents are so rare.

We still didn't find out the sex, although I was burning holes into the screen trying to catch a peek of private parts. I can't say anything for sure, although I never glimpsed a penis even though we had several viewings. I'm soooo tempted to find out, but I know that if I actually do find out I'll be disappointed that I didn't hold out until the delivery. Especially if this placenta situation doesn't resolve itself, I think the not knowing will help me through the third trimester. I have a whole other post ruminating on the topic, so I'll save this for another day.

In the meantime, we're shooting the baby more positive vibes and asking him or her to try pushing the placenta a little. We only need a 2 cm clearance away from the cervix, which seems so small. So doable. If only my uterus will move that sucker out of the way. I'm also going to be calling some acupuncturists and see if anyone makes any positive claims about being able to move placentas. Let's hope so!


Maribeth said...

I'm praying. And laughing at the same time. I sure hope all will be well. I'm keeping the good, right thoughts!

Songbird said...

Yes, I'm afraid laughing was inevitable! But you have my prayers that all shall be well.

bigslowgirl said...

thinking of you! hang in there and def try the acupuncturist. maybe in the least it will help with the anxiety/ nerves. xoxo.

Ninotchka said...

Oh, I hope it moves! I had that with Elle and thankfully it had moved by m y 30-week ultrasound. That ended up being my favorite birth. No meds, little intervention and fast as the dickens. In retrospect, it seems I barely made it to the hospital! (She was born less than 20 minutes after we arrived)

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Hahaha, poor Josh. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.

Beth said...

I'm sorry to hear that...I bet you are disappointed...but you never know things could still move and if they don't things will just be a little different. Still sending you moving placenta vibes though and believe me these vibes are in demand at the mo - I have 3 lots for 3 different ladies on the go!

soleil said...

Sending you lots of placenta moving vibes!!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Did you ever end up calling a acupuncturist? And?

Great conversation with the docs. I hope Josh has been working harder!

Does that mean no S word until you deliver? Or only until Sept 23rd?