Monday, July 28, 2008

I take it back

What a birthday! It's been a difficult morning and afternoon.

Gabe woke up at 4am and screamed nonstop for the whole morning until we finally accepted the idea that he was up for the day. At FOUR IN THE MORNING. Then, we had some plumbing problems so I waited 2 hours for the plumber to show up. He never did, and when I called he told me he wouldn't make it there for another 2 hours. I told him that I had an appointment and met a friend at my favorite diner for brunch. Unfortunately, it was closed and we had to pick a second choice. Of course, by then, Gabe was a disaster of a human being. Whining and crying and being generally uncooperative and unhappy. Even scrambled eggs and pancakes and toy cars and stickers couldn't cheer him up. We struggled through breakfast and finally make it home for a nap.

Sadly, I'm sitting here with the plumber while he details for me all of the terrible things that are wrong with our pipes, including the accusation that the person who did the plumbing for the kitchen did it all wrong and we'll never be able to sell the house the way it has been completed.
Hence, no nap for me, even though my head is throbbing and my eyes are burning.

AND, my friend sent me this music video, and since then I've been all weepy and melancholy about the idea that my baby is growing up. How did this happen? Why does time go by so quickly? Is this really how it happens? You blink and your babies are grown. I can't even think about it, because it breaks my heart. I want Gabe to stay my baby forever and ever and ever. Don't even get me started on the one that I'm currently gestating... I don't even want this one to come out lest it start growing up too.

So going back to my post early today, I lied. Apparently I am having a mini breakdown over this whole turning 30 thing. Hopefully, the rest of the day becomes a little cheerier!


Mom to Baby J said...

Oh no! I was just coming over to wish you a happy birthday having seen your post earlier but wasn't able to leave a comment at the time.

I hope you get all the plumbing squared away. Maybe Josh will fix you an extra nice birthday dinner or bubble bath or foot massage or all of the above!

And the idea of my baby growing up makes me sad too. She's so big already!
(Formerly Not So Little Sister)

Chatty said...

Or MAYBE it's just that this day has totally sucked!

What's with the plumbing??

Boo hiss, you deserve a break from any further negative shenanigans. NO MORE, I say.

Beth said...

You know it's going to ALL be ok. The plumbing. The 30 thing. Gabe growing up. And the new baby. Maybe just try and get to bed and get some rest and tomorrow will be a better day. I'm sure of it!

Man will you EVER get a break? I really hope so...and soon...thinking of you.

Lisanne said...

I'm SO sorry. Well, happy 30th birthday! I'm sorry that your day has totally sucked. I hope that it's all going to be OK. I hope that things get better for you soon. I know what you mean about kids growing up. I miss the newborn period sometimes. :(

liz said...

Happy Birthday, even though it sucked. Please don't blame 30 for that.

Chamiza said...

I have no kiddos or plumbing or husband....but ont he eve of the big 3-0 , it icomforting to know everyone freaks out about something.....after bambina/o numero dos comes, you should celebrate your birthday angel style...

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Sorry I missed your birthday post. I got backlogged on my blog reading when Mack was born. (And A bit before that too). Hence why I'm catching up since your MAY posts today!)

Hope you had a great birthday.

I hate the plumber too. Never have good luck with service men showing up on time. I tell ya.

And yes, time flies. I cannot believe our boys are now 21 months old. Their 2nd birthday will be here before we know it. Doing anything special for the 2nd bday?