Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the good times keep rolling in

Ok, I'm feeling a little better about the whole placenta situation. There were a couple of days in there where I couldn't imagine making it until August 19th, at least not with my sanity intact. I spoke to another OB, though, and he made me feel better, and your comments DEFINITELY made me feel better. I am loving the statistics and stories you all have given me. The OB assured me that in his opinion, I have no more of a chance of losing my uterus than anyone else who has a fluke complication during childbirth. He said that my worst case scenario is having to worry about having bleeding episodes and then ending up with a c-section. As a worst case scenario, that isn't all that bad, I figure.

I'm a little more relaxed now, and I've stopped crying every time the subject comes up. I'm just going to think positive placenta moving thoughts, and maybe go for acupuncture or something and see if they know how to move placentas.

We have had some bad luck this week, though, besides the placenta news. On Friday night, as a distraction, my mom and I decided to go see Mamma Mia at a nearby movie theater. I borrowed Josh's "new to us" car for the 10 minute drive. It happened to be the first time I've borrowed his car. The drive over was fine, but as I pulled into the parking spot, the check engine light came on and smoke started pouring out of the car. At the same moment, I was engaged in a huge argument with my mom, so I didn't even notice for a few seconds that the smoke was coming from my car, and that a screaming noise was emanating from the car.

We pulled into the spot at 7pm, and by the time we were actually towed home, it was 1:30am. First, they sent the wrong kind of tow truck. Then we were advised to go buy coolant fluid before the tow truck came. Then we had to wait for a flat bed. It was exhausting. Plus, we're super annoyed that this car that we just received is already breaking down. I had it towed yesterday morning to the mechanic, and I'm just waiting for the terrible news.

To add insult to injury, my mom left on Saturday afternoon, and we drove immediately to the Berkshires to visit my in-laws. The visit was great, but on the drive home, Gabe was acting really listless and lethargic. We assumed he was just tired from his trip, but as I lifted him out of his car seat, I felt him burning up. We ended up awake all night fluctuating between a 102.5 and a 103.2 fever. He's seemed better since yesterday afternoon, but this illness combined with the Coxsackie from last week and all of this upheaval is killing me.

Bad things come in threes, supposedly, so I'm hoping we're done with bad luck since we're past three bad things. We're going on 6, at this point! Besides that, life is good, and my days are punctuated with teeny tiny little kicks coming from inside. The baby especially liked "Dancing Queen" during the movie. This baby obviously has flare for the dramatic already.


Beth & Rob said...

Oh poor thing you just can't get a break can you? I hope that things get better REALLY REALLY soon. You are doing such an amazing job of keeping it all together - what a Mum and daughter and wife you are! Hang in there it HAS to get better soon - it just HAS to!!! Sending all the more positive vibes your way...

Infant Attorney said...

I hope the little guy is feeling better soon and hopefully your luck will change. I've been reading your blog for a few months now and I'm starting to feel like I know you and your family. Your blog and others like it has actually inspired me to start my own.

MichelleB said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and been laughing for the last ½ hour… You are hysterical! I am preggos with my first, 29 weeks, and just got the thumbs up re: a similar placenta situation. I too freaked (Google is evil) BUT, I went for ultrasound last week and poof (!) it moved, just like the OB said it would- there IS hope). And you earlier posts re: your first pregnancy with Gabe ring so true for me. It is really interesting to read about the transition over time. I’ll definitely check back in! And I do hope that 3 is the (un)lucky number and the week picks up for you.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I'm dying to see Mama Mia. That sucks about the "new to you" car needing servicing.

I once went to the hospital when Sean had 103.5 fever and they told me to go home. Apparently only after 104 do they become concerned with a kid. Hope Gabe felt better not too much long after.

Having a C-secion isn't the end of the world. I had a natural birth with Sean, but a C-section (emergency) with Mack. I've had the best of both worlds and I really am not sure which I prefer. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes uneventful.