Saturday, March 08, 2008

pants on fire

Is it just Gabe, or do all kids make liars out of their mothers? It seems like every time I make a statement about him, whether it be what he likes to eat, or what he does, or what tricks he can accomplish, or words he says, he turns around and does the opposite of what I said.

Evidence #1:
Gabe knows how to moo like a cow and woof like a dog. If I ask him in front of people, though, he'll just look at me blankly.

Evidence #2:
I told my mother in law that he didn't like broccoli. That night for dinner, he scarfed down all the little chunks of broccoli we put in front of him.

Evidence #3:
I told friends at dinner the other night that Gabe likes almost everything except pasta. Of course, when a friend offered him some penne alfredo, he ate it happily and then begged for more throughout the rest of the meal.

Evidence #4:
Josh went into the bathroom today, and clear as a bell, Gabe ran toward the closed door and called out "Dyosh!" I was cracking up and told Josh the story when he came back out, so we tried to get him to say it again, but he kept sweetly looking at us and saying "Da da".

Evidence #5:
When we're not paying attention to him and music comes on, Gabe boogies down to the beat. He bends his knees up and down, shakes his booty from side to side and bobs his head. If you put on music to show people his rhythm, though, he acts like he's never heard music before.

Evidence #6:
Gabe naps every day, Monday through Friday, like clockwork, for three and a half to four hours. When Josh is around on the weekends, though, and we could use some time to do things around the house, he'll nap for an hour, tops. Josh thinks I'm the hugest exaggerator ever, but I think it is all part of the conspiracy against me.

Evidence #7:
Gabe's vocabulary is skyrocketing by the minute. On most days, he'll surprise me by repeating words I've said to him earlier, but never in front of Josh or his grandparents. The other day, I finished getting him dressed and told him in a teasing voice, "Oh Gabe, you look so pretty!" He smiled at me and said "dyat dyoo" (thank you). It was the cutest thing ever, but he won't do it for anyone else.

Is Gabe particularly gifted at making me look like I tell tall tales? Or is this a regular occurrence among children? Maybe it is the same gene that tells him to stop doing whatever cute thing he was doing as soon as the camera comes out. He has a special gift for that too.


Knit & Purl Mama said...

Sean boogies to any music that comes on tv or the radio, he loves to boogie and shake his bon bon...

he's TWICE done what I just said he didn't do. I told my aunt he hated straps around his neck (like he wont put the strap of the drum around his neck to beat on the drum) but then he went ahead and put my aunt's purse strap over his head to "wear" the purse....grrr! There was another instance, but now I can't remember what it was.

Beth & Rob said...

Repeat after me.

1. Gabe is a terror. He mis behaves ALL the time. I just can't cope with him

2. Gabe is ALWAYS sick. I can't believe how often he is sick. (Actually this is the truth isn't it?)

3. Gabe hates to eat. He is so fussy

4. I just wish Gabe would sleep.

I too am going to start this mantra and hope for the best! Well done on all the milestones - what a joy to hear your little man say thank you - bring that on!

Not so little sister said...

Um, I think this baby is already making a liar out of me. I say, Mr. LS put your hand here to feel the baby...she stops moving. Mr. LS comes over and puts his hand on my belly and asks if she's been moving. I say no, he puts his hand on my belly and suddenly she's all over the place. I guess it starts that early. :)

Anonymous said...

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