Thursday, December 14, 2006

no baby yet!

I need more advice, if you have a minute.

First question:
I found these really spectacular baby announcements and combination holiday cards. I'm in love with them. I talked to the invite store and they said that once I have the relevant information about baby, and I can upload a picture, they can print the invitations in 2 days and send them to me in another 1-2 days. In the meantime, they can send me all of the envelopes to address. That way, once I receive the announcements all we have to do is stuff envelopes. And by "we", I mean someone else will be stuffing envelopes.

My concern, however, is that the baby could get here late enough to make holiday cards a mute point. If the baby arrives at the absolute latest time possible, namely January 8th, and it takes me another week to mail out the announcements, is that too late to send out cards that say "Happy Holidays"? What if I change it to "Happy Everything"?

Trust me, the announcements are cute enough to make me want to use them even if I'm a little late for a holiday card. Is it in bad taste to send them out so late, though? If the doctor is right at the baby is born right before or right around Christmas I'm not worried, but my concern is if the baby comes too late then I don't want us to look silly.

Second question:
Did anyone use lotion after their baby was born? Should I worry about using cocoa butter around the baby? I've been using it during pregnancy with no problem, but someone mentioned not to use any nut-type products around the baby in case of allergy. Isn't cocoa a nut? Am I pretty safe? I'm just thinking that if I'm breastfeeding the baby would be pressed against my abdomen, and I definitely use lotion on my stomach.

Third question:
Any tips for relaxing things Josh and I should do before baby arrives? What did all of you do to relax in this exciting time? Movies? Dinner? Visiting friends? Playing music and dancing? Non-PG activities? What?

Fourth question:
Isn't this baby supposed to be running out of room by now? I didn't think it would still be flinging his or her weight around inside my already stretched skin, but a few times a day I'm fairly uncomfortable as my organs get squashed and battered with the kickboxing routine. I literally cannot believe how big my belly is getting!

Advice please?


Phantom Scribbler said...

#1. I'm impressed if you get holiday-style cards out anytime before Groundhog's Day.

#2. I have no idea if cocoa butter is an allergy concern, but you can't go wrong using Lansinoh as a general lotion if you need it.

#3. All of the above.

#4. Mine kept kicking and squishing and generally making life difficult for my organs right up to the moment that they entered the birth canal. Sorry.

Suzanne said...

1. I'd send those card no matter when the baby comes!

2. Never used lotion during or after pregnancy, so I can't help you there.

3. Relax? What is that thing you call relax? I do recall spending some time on the couch reading, but beyond that I didn't do anything special to relax. BAD MOVE. Who knew that it would have been my last time to do so? Well, me, for one, but I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

4. I was also quite uncomfortable both from the babies' positions and their movement right till the end.

Dee Dee said...

I would go ahead with the holiday card/birth announcement.

I think cocoa butter is fine.

Do whatever is relaxing to YOU.

I was super uncomfortable until delivery.

Good luck!

JF, scientist said...

Cocoa is actually not a nut, but a seed, and is a member of the Malvaceae (mallow) family, along with hibiscus and okra. And even among nuts, there are different families; peanuts, for example, are so different from almonds that there is rarely a shared allergy (though there may be a separate allergy). So I'm not a doctor, but you certainly don't need to worry about cocoa's nuttiness. (And cocoa butter smells so good...)

chatty cricket said...

1. Why not make it a "Happy New Year" Card? Then you don't have to worry about getting it out by a specific date, and you can put in a little blurb about how this was the best Hanukkah ever!

2.Lanolin is safe to use, even on the boobs. But I don't know if Cocoa is an allergen? I also just started using Lady's lotion because it was always handy and I really liked the way it smelled (like her).

3. Any of that sounds fun. At this point? I was obsessing too much over the impending birth to do anything other than sit and wait for more contractions and call my doctor every 20 minutes. I like your plan to enjoy yourself better.

4. I think Lady kept going around in there until the very end. What the heck, huh?

Songbird said...

1)If you like the cards, just send them as soon as you can, no matter what the date is. People will understand (and if they don't, well, that will tell you something).
2)No clue, sorry!
3)If you choose a movie, bear in mind that you may get uncomfortable sitting through a long one. Just before #1 Son was born, I managed a Woody Allen movie, but my plan to see Henry V before Snowman's birth had to be chucked when I couldn't sit in one position for long.
4)I think all that prenatal Taebo takes place so we mothers will be VERY eager for childbirth. It's developmental on both sides!
Hang in there!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Everything Phantom said, I ditto. Especially the part about the cards.

And it is amazing how acrobatic they can be in such a small space, isn't it?

liz said...

Ditto PS & RDM.


Susan said...

Of course we have a minute! And we're checking every post to see if it's the labor or baby post!

No clue on the allergy/labor questions, but on the cards: people will be happy to hear from you, whenever you mail whatever you mail. So send the card you want, when you want.

On how to relax: leading up to the adoption, we were in too much of a "omigoshshe's coming!" frenzy to relax. So I'd just go with the flow. Talking to each other, actually, is the thing you might not have so much time for later. So just enjoy.

amygeekgrl said...

1. the cards sound delightful! i would send them whenever the baby comes - even if it is after xmas. hope you will show us what they look like when you have them done. :)

2. not sure

3. i'd definitely do dinners out and movies and anything else that will be harder to do once baby comes. enjoy yourselves! :)

4. isn't it amazing how they can still be so active, even when you think there can't possibly be any room for them to wiggle? both of my kids were very acrobatic in utero and i was thankful to have a long-ish torso so i think they had a little extra room (as did my organs).

won't be long now... :)

KLee said...

I'm going to go with the flow, and ditto everyone's notion to go ahead with the holiday cards. If YOU like them, then that's what's important, right?

I would ask your pediatrician if cocoa butter is okay if you are really that concerned about it. I suspect your doctor will let you know if he thinks it could be unsafe for Baby. Having said that, I think JF has the science all laid out for the case that cocoa butter is most like not a common allergen. Here's crossing my fingers that jF has the right of it.

Relax by staying off your feet, minimizing stress, and savoring the last calm days before you house is full to bursting with family and precious baby.

I only started to worry when Offspring *didn't* move late in the game. I was greatly uncomfortable, true, but her periods of "rest" were scary because i was used to her doing the fandango on my innards. I hope that Baby decides to make an early visit rather than later, but it would be so COOL if your nipper was born on January 9th, as that's Offspring's birthday. :)

PPB said...

I think if baby is very late, and the holiday cards arrive in late january, people will just smile and realize how unpredictable babies are and nominate you for most organized pregnant woman in the world. If I had a baby in my belly, I would be spending all my time eating bon bons and whining.

whymommy said...

Yeah, send the cards! And definitely order them asap so you can address the blank envelopes ahead of time. That will make a BIG difference in helping you get them out without too much delay. You'll feel good about it. And I love the idea of calling it a New Year's Card! Everyone will understand, particularly when they see the picture of your beautiful new baby!

In terms of what to do now, we're still frantically finishing the nursery and washing all the baby clothes. I'm 34 weeks today and it looks like our little guy will be here before too long!

ccw said...

If you really like the cards, go ahead and get them.

I have no idea about the lotion. I used ate nuts and nut products through all of my pregnancies and breastfeedings.

I liked to take lots of warm baths. It will be some time before you will be comfortably bathing alone or unrushed. Together, we did the movies which proved to be a good move since it was over 2 years since I made it back to a theater.

Yes, your organs are being squashed. No, it doesn't seem to get better until the baby comes.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I don't know squat about being pregnacious, but I say send the cards and go to the movies.

Can't wait! Hurry, baby, hurry!

Geggie said...

Go with a Happy New Year's card and send it out the first or second week of the year. Holidays cards can get lost in the masses, but a New Year's card is a welcome change to the bills that will be coming in January.

Lotion. Again, I can't recommend Burt's Bees enough. I'd suggest the apricot baby oil on your belly, very high in Vitamin E which is what you want. And, you can use it on the baby.

As for relaxation -- don't plan anything. Just rest, sleep, eat, etc. You have a busy life ahead of you.

My best friend just had her 2nd baby 10 weeks ago, whenever I tell her about all of the things going on in my single, no child havin' life, she just keeps muttering, "I can't tell you it while you can and enjoy it!"

Happy Day!

Jenny said...

I am only 22 weeks, so I can't offer any practical words of wisdom, but I think the seasonal holiday cards would be just fine since your little one is due around this time. I say, if you like them, then go with them.

Congrats on the fact that the little one seems to be getting into position for birth and things are moving along.

Lisanne said...

No update in 3 days? Hope you're doing well [and maybe in labor?]. hehe :)

PPB said...

I've been stalking this page, hoping for an update! I hope no news is good news!

Jenny Rough said...

I get a card every single year from a family I used to babysit -- and it always arrives after the holidays. January or sometimes even Feb. But I LOVE getting it and seeing pictures of their growing kids. So I say, send the card whenever, even if it's after the holidays.