Monday, December 04, 2006

humor me, please

It has been a poopy couple of days. Nothing big, and nothing even worth complaining about, but that hasn't stopped me before, right?

The traffic and crowds are getting to me a little bit this holiday season. It has never bothered me in the past, but I think that being big and hot and very pregnant is making me sensitive to the crowdedness of stores. I had to put books down and walk away from the line at the bookstore because after a few minutes of waiting, I simply couldn't take it anymore.

It didn't help, therefore, when Best Buy told me that they had a certain item in stock, in fact the salesperson said he had it IN HIS HANDS, that when I arrived at the store a couple of hours later they had no idea what I was talking about. The system showed my item as being in stock, but no one could find it, and no one seemed very invested in looking for it either.

Then the same thing happened to me at my local baby store. I called in advance to ask whether they had infant car seats in stock, they said yes, but when I showed up they were all sold or on hold (story to be continued below). And this was 15 minutes later!

Then, if you can believe it, the SAME THING happened to me at my local maternity store this morning. I asked for a birthing ball to be sent over to the store for me, they called to let me know that they had it in stock, but when I arrived there this morning they had no record of my order, or my hold, or the call they'd made. None of their stores or their warehouse had the birthing ball in stock, so they placed a purchase order. Clearly, that doesn't help me at the moment, though.

My patience these days is rather thin, and general incompetency at stores combined with the sheer quantity of people is making it worse.

This morning's appointment also brought with it disappointing news, which was that I tested positive for Group B Strep, an apparently common bacteria. My doctor assures me that it is not a big deal and nothing at all to worry about, but it means that I have to have an iv and antibiotics for labor, and that if my water breaks before I go into labor, I have to head straight to the hospital. She also said if my water breaks and I don't go into labor asap, they'll also have to induce me.

I thought that I'd prepared myself well for variations from my ideal birth, and I've been telling myself that you can't be married to any one plan, so I was surprised at how upset I was at her news. I hated the iv that I had in the hospital after my fall, and the thought of having to have an iv inserted right away upsets me far more than I'd like to admit. I'm worried that this is going to make it difficult for me to walk during labor, or to get in the birthing tub or shower at the hospital. Even though very few women have their water break before they are in active labor, it was also stressful to hear that if that happens to me and they don't consider me to be in active labor, the hospital would force me to start on pitocin. Sigh. As I said, it isn't anything major, but I have a feeling that hormones and general tiredness are adding up to make for a grumpy Halloweenlover. I think the doctor could see in my face that I was not happy with the news, and she assured me that the iv can be capped off and that I am free to do whatever I want once I am at the hospital. At least that is a relief.

In positive news, though, from last week to this week, the baby's head was a bit lower, and I seem to have "dropped" some. My cervix is also thinning and effacing, and the doc again gave her vote that she doesn't think I'll go later than my due date. Just before or right on time, but not late. I don't know if I believe her, since I'm convinced that we're looking at a New Year's baby, but we'll all have to see, I suppose.

In car seat news, we'd been given a couple of infant car seats from my sister-in-law and neighbor, so we never registered for one or purchased one. I assumed that car seats that were 3 or so years old and hadn't been in an accident were safe for this baby. Imagine my surprise when I spoke to the mandatory car seat inspector this morning and he told me that he wouldn't install a used car seat at all! And that he thinks 3 years is too old! So this morning saw me scrambling for over an hour, calling store after store after store to find a car seat in stock and available for Saturday, when our inspection is scheduled. Did you know that in Massachusetts you can't go home without an inspected and installed car seat? Craziness.

This is all a long-winded way of telling you that when I opened up this blog post, I burst into my tears at Bethiclaus' kindness and generosity. I mean, look at this blanket! Look at the detail! The edging! And the slit for the seatbelt! Did you see the matching hats? I can hardly stand the cuteness. It will even match the car seat that I had to drive all over town to purchase!

Sometimes I cannot believe how wonderful the blogging community is. I can't believe that we can be so invested in each other without ever having met in real life. I'm amazed that someone I've only emailed with, could take the time to knit me a beautiful blanket and hats. I'm stunned that someone could share their talent, just to give me a lovely gift for my baby. I'm grateful for this blog and everyone I've met in so many ways, this is one of the sweetest examples.

Thank you Bethiclaus for such a spectacular gift! I can't wait to wrap my baby in it!


Maribeth said...

You know we are all here and pulling for you!
Greta says to tell you she can relate. Just think, she has 5 coming! LOL!
If you want a real laugh go on over to and take a peek!

Phantom Scribbler said...

I was Strep B positive for Baby Blue; it turned out not to be as big a deal as I'd feared.

What is this mandatory car seat inspector business? No one inspected our car seats except my little brother. (Yes, he is Officially Trained in such matters, but no, he was not operating on behalf of the state of Massachusetts.) It is nonsense that he made you get a new one, whoever he is.

ccw said...

I guess we have Nonami riding on a bobsled to hell because he is using NSBH's infant car seat. We took our cars to the fire station to have them inspected but it was not mandatory.

Sorry things are stressful for you right now. That can happen when you realize that a baby is coming and it is soon.

No matter how baby HL arrives, it will be special.

Hugs to you!

chatty cricket said...

Honestly, I think the biggest pain in the butt about labor is that you just can't predict what will happen ahead of time. Will my water break at home? What if it does? Will I need pitocin? Will the baby come in 2 quick hours and 5 easy pushes? Why not? How can I get on the list for one of those labors?

The unpredictability of labor is the one thing that stresses me out about this pregnancy. Inquiring minds want to know, or at least kind of have a plan of action, you know?

The carseat thing is CRAZY. On the one hand, I guess I'm happy to hear that your firesttion will not compromise on safety, but on the other hand, we plan on reusing our infant carseat this time around and for any possible future mini crickets. So, I wonder if we'll run into the same problem down the line? I'd get it if the carseat was 10 years old, but 3? Good grief. Maybe there have been major safety improvements since then?

And as for all of the people in all of the stores, I frequently ask them while we are all crawling around in our cars and looking for parking spaces or just trying to get home, "How come you people don't just go home and wait for me to be done? You wouldn't have to suffer my dirty looks, and I wouldn't have to deal with you at all! Hurrah! Win win!" They never listen though, which makes me think that in addition to being oblivious and clumsy, they are plain rude.

But what would holiday shopping be if not a big fat stress inducing pain in the ass!?

twoxthefun said...

I was also GBS positive and my water broke before really starting labor. Do you have a birth plan? Request a hemplock, that's what I had it's painless. I had to have an iv a few weeks ago in the ER and it hurt so badly. I hadn't had one before. The hemplock is much better. With that said I was able to walk around, take a shower and use the bathroom as needed. This was in a military hospitial which isn't known for much cooperation.

Also if they tell you that you have to have pitocin to start labor if your water breaks first they are full of it. You have 48 hours after your water breaks to deliver without risk of infection. Just put them off on the pitocin as long as you can. I never got it because we had it in our birth plan that we didn't want it and when they'd mention it my husband would just tell them give her a little more time.

I just finish my birth plan for this baby and I will be posting on my baby blog if you want to look at it.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

How things change: 3 years ago, when AB was a baby, all the local firestations did car seat inspections. Now, none of them do. I'm sure it's because of the fear of lawsuits ("The fire station said my seat was fine, but my baby was injured, so I'm suing"). So we just did our best the second time around. Oh, and like CCW, we're using the older kid's seats for kid #2.

Sorry about your crappy shopping exodus. Hate when stuff like that happens.

chris said...

I tested positive also and had the IV for my last couple. Miles was born early before I could be tested so I had it as a precaution. The iv wasn't that bad... I think when you are getting a baby out of the deal it is easier to igore than when you are just plain uncomfortable, you know?

Car seats now have expiration dates on the bottom of them. I'd look on the bottom of the one given to you and see what it says. My daughter needs a new seat as hers is apparently going to self destruct later this month ;-)

amygeekgrl said...

HL - there was just a discussion about GBS going on on a yahoo group i belong to. lots of good information passed on there. i will email it to you in case you want to look it over. some is from two different midwives and some is from the CDC.

hugs to ya! :)

Mrs. Chicky said...

Hang in there, sweetie. Everything is tougher at this stage in your pregnancy. Everything.

And for the record, the nurse who walked us out of the hospital checked to make sure the car seat was installed but never checked to see if it was inspected or installed by a member of the State Police. It was, and I'm so glad we did it, but she never checked. Just thought you'd like to know that.

Nancy said...

I was touched too by Bethiclaus' gift. How beautiful -- I really treasured the homemade gifts we received for our girls.

I get IVs all the time, and still hate them, but I'm used to them. If you know when you will end up having the kid (or have even a little bit of extra notice), try to drink as much water as you can before they stick you. If you can also, keep your hand/arm in a heating pad or blankets to encourage the vein to pop up.

I didn't realize all the recs on used car seats (like the 3 year deal?), though I had heard from local officials here that you're supposed to get rid of them if they've been in an accident. We had one of the installers explain to us about them failing, and all I need to think about is something happening to one of my kids in an accident -- and it's a no brainer, as I'm sure it was with you. :-)

Happily hanging in and waiting for your wonderful news!!!!

halloweenlover said...

Thanks for the support regarding the iv and all that. I'm sure you're all right and at the time, it will totally not matter to me. I think the hormones are just doing me in. I'm also going to have a talk with my doctor about forcing me into the pitocin immediately. All I'm asking for is a few hours to see if I go into labor on my own.

And on the car seat, to be fair, I think the issue was the age AND the fact that they weren't mine originally. If I had owned them in the past and could tell him how I'd stored them and whether they'd been in an accident, that would have been one thing. He was very bothered by the fact that I'd inherited the car seats. Both were close to 4 years old too.

My hospital told me that the inspection law was new, within the last 6 months. Maybe they are lying though!

Kris said...

What? An inspection law? *slaps forehead* Please tell me they don't charge for it. How inconvenient for you! I handed down a Britax to my friend that's five years old, but it's still perfect.

I can add that the IV wasn't a problem for me. I had the strep b also.

You reminded me of something that happened with my first baby. After all was said and done, the midwife came over and said, "You haven't peed yet, so I'll need to insert a catheter." I was like "WHAT?!" And she said, "Well your birth plan says you don't want an IV, normally that's what I'd do." Yeah, like I'd want a catheter instead of an IV. That still makes me chuckle.

I'm sorry you had those irritating retail experiences. You'd think they'd help a pregnant lady out, geesh.

Hang in there! I'm thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts for a peaceful, pleasant birth experience!

Yankee, Transferred said...

OK, let me throw in my non-pregnancy 2 cents about the IV. When I went for an old-person routine test that required an IV, and it HURT LIKE HELL, The Attorney FORCED them to stop using the back of my hand and use the vein in my arm as I had already BEGGED them to do, but they had refused. So if the IV you had last time was in a place that hurt, insist that they try a different place. You are the customer. Sorry it's so stressful. Can't wait for the wonderful result of all this.
Cannot WAIT.