Friday, December 01, 2006

december 1st

I think on some level I never believed December would arrive. Here we are, though, and although people in my neighborhood don't decorate much for Christmas, there are a few homes with lights ablaze and wreaths on doors. The Christmas season is finally here, and with it comes our baby. The carols have taken on a whole new meaning to me also. I think I'll never look at the holidays the same way again.

I even told Josh that I'm making a playlist of Christmas carols to play in the labor and delivery room because holiday songs always put me in a good mood. He thinks it a little odd that I'll be delivering his Jewish baby to Christmas carols, but I say, "hey, whatever works!"

Today, I pulled the milk out of the fridge for cereal and realized that the milk doesn't expire until January 5th. I will, most likely, have a CHILD, by the time the milk goes bad. The milk! I'm a little bit stunned.

I also received my "hooter hiders" in the mail. Josh and I think that the name is almost the best part. I can't wait to refer to it in public as a hooter hider, I'm hoping someone on the plane will ask me.

I also have to give a quick recommendation if any of you know someone that is having a baby and need an easy cute gift. I went to the Reagan Bridgeen website the other day to look at their baby books, and they are having a sale on baby organizers. At first I was skeptical, but I ordered the organizer the other day and received it last night. It is a very cute binder with separate tabs for keeping information about immunizations or passports or social security numbers or childcare providers or things like that. The tabs are really clear and each section has multiple pockets to store paper if you don't have time to hole punch it. The organizers are on sale for $12 off of the original $40-something! And they are quite large, the size of a regular binder and really really quite cute. After receiving mine last night, I ordered 4 more to give as gifts! They look like they cost far more than $12! I also found a code for 10% off (SAVE10), so that brought it down to $10. I'm always at a loss for baby gifts, so I figured I'd share. I should tell them that I'm advertising for them, I deserve free gifts!

Happy December everyone! I can't decide if I want the time to pass quickly or slowly, so I'll just hope that it is a wonderful holiday season for all!


jo(e) said...

I can remember thinking the same thing when I looked at expiration dates. It's really such a realization.

Schoolteacher Niece, who is the oldest of the grandchildren in the family, was born on December 27th. Even though it was 25 years ago, I can remember how exciting December was that year. We all just kept talking about the baby and waiting for her to come.

December is going to be such a great month for you this year.

ccw said...

How exciting! I always loved when I reached the point that I could count the time with something as tangible as milk.

If Christmas carols are your thing, then play your Jewish Christmas baby carols. I took music with the last two, I never got a chance to play it with NSBH, but it was nice and relaxing with Nonami.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I had those thoughts about expiration dates before I had my daughter, too! It's kind of surreal isn't it? You wait for months and months and then WHAM! The baby is finally there. Enjoy your last few days of freedom.

Maribeth said...

Boy I could use that organizer. You see I recently moved my residency from FL to NH. This required me, per the new laws since 9/11 to have these documents:
Orginal birth certificate (legal copy)
divorce certificate from marriage #1
marriage cert. for this marriage
SS number card
tax bill for our town (or proof of residency)
insurance bill or card
drivers license from other state
registration of a car in NH in my name
I found all, but I would have been better served with a notebook like that.

Yes time goes so fast. Soon. Remember my daughter was born on the 20th! That's a good day for a baby to be born! ;~)

chatty cricket said...

GENIUS on the organizer- I kept meaning to get one for Lady's stuff, but it's all in an accordion folder, so at least I know where it is.

I can't believe you have milk that will expire after the baby is born!!! EEEEEEEEE!

Ninotchka said...

The Christmas season is finally here, and with it comes our baby.

That line was so beautifully written and so poignant, it seriously made me teary eyed.

Se te quiere mucho, amiga! I'm glad you're feeling so good. xxoo

Lisanne said...

I can't get over how much you sound exactly like I did with my pregnancies! Especially seeing the expiration dates on things and thinking, "I'll have a baby by then!" And with Halloween's arrival this year, I thought, "Our baby is coming, too!" At the beginning of March 2005 and October 2006, I couldn't get over that it had reached the month in which our children were due. :)

Lisanne said...

OH, and for Luke's first Christmas, the carols meant SO much more to me, too! :)

Mrs. S said...

I'm in denial that it's December, too, but for totally different reasons: my sweet little newborn CANNOT be 1 month old already... I feel like I missed all of November.

MF said...

I think that hooter hider would be way funnier with a print of a huge pair of nipples on the front ;P