Tuesday, April 18, 2006

food thief

I have so much to tell you, but I'm too tired to do it right now. I will try to post tonight, if I can stay awake that long.

Quick question, do any of your significant others insist on tasting whatever you are eating? Even though they've tasted it 5 other times and disliked it all 5 other times? And you know they are just wasting your food or drink, and it makes you want to fling your juice at their heads?

No? Just me?


jen said...

no, but I am the cuplrit on teh inverse. I will say I am not hungry, he cooks something that smells good, I want it but am too lazy to make something myself or get up and get some of what he made, so I ask if I can "have just a bite". There is usually begging involved on my part to the point where I wear him down. Sometimes he just comes out w/ 2 plates just so he can protect his.

liz said...

Actually, I try to make my husband taste things.

Can you believe he refuses to try a Take 5 bar????

But I can see how it'd be annoying.

Yankee T said...

Oh, no, we don't have that particular problem, but I'm laughing sympathetically that you do. Each couple has its own issues, huh?

Robin said...

Rich never tastes my food. We don't eat the same thing. My food has flavor....his doesn't.

On another note.....you've been tagged. Come to my blog to see why.
(This is my first tag so don't hold it against me.)

Suzanne said...

Hmm. I think I am the guilty party here, especially when it comes to beverages. "No, I don't want a soda. I'll just have some of yours." Which annoys my husband no end.

Bad Andy said...

hmmm.. well if it's your husband... I think there is an unwritten "what's yours is mine.. blah blah blah"

If it's not your husband well then punch him/her real hard in the gut and take it back. j/k

Beth Fish said...

Exact opposite around here - the fact of me eating something makes it contaminated and Chris won't touch it.

susan said...

Your quick questions always make me laugh. Politica and I are pretty good about only tasting things once, but in my whole family we have a tendency to think that food tastes good off other people's plates. So we always want to taste, and like jen I am often not hungry until I see something on her plate.

jo(e) said...

Oh, I confess. I am the taster. And it's not just my husband's food that always looks good to me. I do it to my friends and family as well.

Chatty Cricket said...

I'm the taster, I'm the taster!! No matter what Sweetie has, I must have it too.

Pink Cupcake said...

Yes! Yes! It drives me completely insane!

The only good thing that has ever come of it is that my husband finally started to like olives.

Angie said...

Total opposite. He will taste NOTHING not on his plate or that he did not order. However he will continually offer you a taste of everything on his plate. NO! If I wanted to taste it I would have ordered it/put it on my plate. There is no curiosity about pickled herring in cream with onion on bagels for me! blahhhhhk!! -That's what happens when you marry 2nd generation American-Finnish. *shiver* The thought now just gives me the willies. Vile stuff!

ccw said...


We both "taste" in this house, but not if it something that we have previosuly tried and not liked.

Joke said...





This is PET @#$%ING PEEVE #1 ovah heah.

I am shuddering with frustration over this.


P.S. I derive IMMENSE shadenfreude when my wife tastes something of mine that is too spicy or bitter or whatever that she ends up hating.