Thursday, March 16, 2006

this doesn't count as cruelty to animals, right?

Thanks for all your well-wishes on my tooth. It sounds like I made out quite well on the root canal front, all things considered. I really didn't think it was much worse than a filling, and the shots barely hurt at all. He numbed it with a gel first, and then did the shot, and I couldn't even feel it. Only these teeny twinges I mentioned were bothersome. I'm glad I didn't ask you all sooner, though, or I'd have really been puking from nervousness.

I've been contenting myself with thinking about Spring coming soon (please please soon), and days and nights in St. Croix. I'm so focused on that trip, though, that I am starting to worry about my mental health when I get back. You probably shouldn't focus on the end of your vacation before it actually starts, right?

Lots of my fellow associates have told me that one week is simply not enough. It often takes a full week for you to stop worrying about work or checking your Blackberry obsessively (mine is named Eye of Sauron, for those of you that know Lord of the Rings, his all-seeing eye watches me everywhere). The second week is pure pleasure, once your blood pressure has come down a bit.

Unfortunately, I've never had the nerve to take a two-week trip. Mainly because it makes me nervous, plus I'd have to leave the dogs with someone and two weeks is a long time. Also because, for some reason, the prospect of actually having potential vacation days is very important to me. If I ran out of days in October, I might have a little breakdown.

Sooo, I will focus on my activities in the 5 days that I have. Monday night will see me (hopefully) placing bets on crabs. You don't think the crabs mind, do you? This doesn't negate my love of animals, I hope.

Tuesday we have a snorkling trip planned to Buck Island. Let's hope my normally crushing motion sickness doesn't get me on the trip out there on a sailboat.

Wednesday or Thursday I'd like to take a tour of the island, and besides that, I expect to have A LOT of pina coladas. They are my most favoritest drink, you know?

Plus, even though Jo(e) says you can't plan it, I still "plan" on attempting my first ever skinny dipping expedition (shhhhhh!). I feel that with a cottage on the beach, I'm never going to get a better chance than this, right?

Tango says he doesn't care, as long as we bring his chew toys.


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

I'm just so jealous that you get to take your boys with you. I would LOVE to travel with Small Dog (plus, he doesn't like being left by us--he's clingy).

Have I told you I'm (finally) getting a Blackberry? I love your name for yours. I'm going to have to steal that.

Chatty Cricket said...

He he he. On our honeymoon, Sweetie and I decided to go night swimming. It was our first night on the island, so we stripped down and went a splashin' in the waves. It wasn't until we ventured down to the beach the next morning that we were introduced to the sharks that live in the cove full time. Yes, that's sharks....with an "s." Ooops!

Also, regarding the motion sickness thing on the sailboat- try to stay out in the fresh air. There is no faster way to end up seasick than to go down below on a boat...blech.

mc said...

Have a great trip! It's awesome that you can bring the pooches. I bet they'll love it. Rocky and Jelly will be pampered at the grandparents' house while we're gone. We'll have to compare notes on our tropical vacations afterwards... we're gone from the 23rd-28th!

Dawn said...

No, the crabs prefer the races to being eaten with butter. But they are tasty!

I do hope you have a wonderful time!

ccw said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Ninotchka said...

Glad you made it through the root canal OK. Your upcoming trip sounds lovely. I keep asking you if you'll take me with but you won't answer so I guess that means "NO?" Or maybe "HELL NO?" ha ha ha It's going to be fab. And you deserve it!

the lawmom said...

The other associates are right that it takes more than a week. But, if you don't really want to take a full two weeks, you should leave on a Thursday--by the end of the weekend you are pretty relaxed and then you still have a week. This is best planned around a holiday where you are going to have a long weekend (or at least the clients are going to have a long weekend and likely won't call). The best plan is to go somewhere without blackberry coverage--or at least lie about it.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Wait a minute... you get to take your DOGS on vacation with you?! I'm so jealous. I guess its easier with small dogs. When you have 160lbs of dog (my two combined) it makes things a little more complicated!

Joke said...

It's not that you can't plan it so much as that nobody ever does.


Suzanne said...

That trip sounds wonderful! Let me know how you like St. Croix -- I'm planning a Caribbean trip and am still trying to pick an island.

purple_kangaroo said...

Awww, have a wonderful time. I know what you mean about the fear of using up vacation days, too . . . I think we've used up all DH's vacation time and sick time for the year already and it bothers me.

Angie said...

I never last very long on vacation. Usually after 2 or 3 days I am ready to come home. Even if I am having a blast.

Frankie said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Pink Cupcake said...

Hope you have a wonderful time! I'm sitting here in chilly England thinking about Pina Coladas and hoping that you're enjoying one right now...Enjoy!

Maribeth said...

I used to take Shubi with me when I went to visit my friends in Germany. They had Shubi's brother. We made 4 trips to Munich via the airlines. Me and my girl! A few people thought I was a nut for bringing Shubi along. But you should have seen the look on her happy little face when her soft sided bag came out! And she was always perfect on the plane!

Piece of Work said...

I suggest not planning any minute more of your vacation but just enjoying it and doing whatever comes up! It's also really fun to lie on the beach all day with a good book, only getting up to refreshen your margarita! ;) You are going to have a fantastic time!!
And we can't wait to hear about the skinny dipping!

Joke said...

The trick to enjoying a tropical vacation is the concept of Equidistant Triangulation.

You must station yourself so that you are as close to the beach as you are to the pool as you are to the bar.



HipMamaB said...

so jealous. Take a 2 weeker now tho - before the kid thing. Then you never will!

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