Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i may need to sleep more

Yesterday, I told a work colleague that I loved her as we hung up the phone.

I begged Josh to drive into the city and pick me up from work, a good half hour drive for him. As we were driving back out, I realized that I'd driven in that morning, and had forgotten my car in the garage.

Inspired by Songbird's suggestion of pancakes for Fat Tuesday, we decided to leave the car where it was and head to IHoP for dinner. They were having a fundraiser and everyone got free pancakes for Fat Tuesday! What good luck! I decided to splurge on a chocolate milk to go with my pancakes, but when the waiter delivered it to the table there was chocolate globbed onto the side of the glass and the milk was looking decidedly unchocolatey. I didn't have a spoon, so I used my straw to whisk the milk around the glass and mix it up. In the process, however, I accidentally flicked the straw filled with milk out of the glass and sprayed myself, my bag, coat and scarf, and my neighbor in the booth behind me with chocolate milk. Do not doubt how much chocolate milk can fit into one straw. My sticky hair is still providing proof.

This morning, Josh dropped me off at the subway station, and when I arrived, I realized that I'd worn my thinnest pants with my thinnest trouser socks, and forgotten my hat, and I had to walk 15 minutes in the 19 degree weather to the office once I exit the train.

Yes, it is a distinct possibility that I may need to try going to bed a little bit earlier from now on.


Kristin said...

Yikes, what a string of bad luck. But St. Patty's Day is coming up ... maybe it will bring you more luck than Fat Tuesday. I'm 1/32nd Irish, so I will send you a fraction of good luck wishes. :)

Chatty Cricket said...

Um, I'm fairly certain that I caused a good bit of this with my distracting crap tossed on your plate for no good reason.

To make it up to you I will:

Drive your car home.

Break up with your colleague for you.

Wash the chocolate out of your bag, coat, scarf and hair (and your neighbor's).

Reverse global warming so that you will not have a cold walk from the subway to the office.

Finish work on the handy time machine so that you can go back and redo yesterday (me too), and also use the time machine for more sleep at night (if it turns out that sleep is the actual culprit and not ridiculous distracting behavior from friends who should really know better).

ccw said...

Sorry, I can't help but laugh.

I certainly hope that today is better.

Nancy said...

OMG, one of my biggest fears is accidentally telling a coworker or acquaintance that I love them. What did your colleague do?

I hope your day (week?) gets better.

jen said...

I love the I Love You comment. It would be even better if I knew what kind of law you praticed - particularly Employement Practices/Sexual Harrassment etc ( I guess all law offices in Boston are a David E. Kelly show).

I have about a 10 minite walk form the bus stop. this week has SUCKED.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry your sleepy self had a bad day, but your story was kinda funny!

There were FREE PANCAKES at IHop? How did I miss that?!

Also, the weather here in Michigan also sucks- yesterday the temp. was ten and the wind chill was one.

Angie said...

The I love you to the coworker is priceless. I have done this before. LOL

Congrats on your perfect post award. :-)

Phantom Scribbler said...

We refer to that IHOP as "the health club." But I'll never be able to go there again without thinking about chocolate milk in your hair.

The car in the garage is classic, classic, classic.

Ninotchka said...

This is what I like to call being in a "fog." It happens to me from time to time and I do lots of stuff like that. Although the car thing was pretty funny. I'm not laughing AT you, just with you, er, if you're laughing which if I know you well, you probably are now. But not at the time. No. Grrr.

Here's to the "fog" lifting. And soon!

Mrs. Ca said...

Really hope today is going better for you. I have days like that all the time.