Wednesday, September 14, 2005

why my hubby is no dummy

Last week, I chastised Josh for buying lunch every day when we had plenty of food in the house to pack himself a lunch. He sat down at the dining room table and insisted that he had no idea what to pack and didn't have room to carry it.

"What do you mean?" I said, as I bustled from the refrigerator to the kitchen counter carrying things that he could take to lunch.

"See? We can make a sandwich here..." Bread, turkey and cheese on the counter.

"I can cut up some bell peppers and carrots for you here..." Veggies on the counter.

"Here's an apple and a yogurt and some crackers." And then I busied myself putting it all together into a brilliant sandwich container I'd gotten him at the Container Store.

I placed his completed container into the refrigerator for tomorrow's morning departure while he moved some items in his backpack around to make room.

The next day at lunchtime I got a call from him, profusely thanking me for the lunch. "It was delicious!" he exclaimed, "and I got compliments on my sandwich container, everyone wants to know where we got it. I loved my lunch! You're the best!"

In the afternoon, I got another email letting me know how much he loved his lunch. Apparently, it was a memorable part of the day because he mentioned it 3 more times after we'd gotten home for the evening.

"So, um, honey? Can you make me lunch again for tomorrow? It was just so delicious and I can't seem to think of things to pack."

Mmm hmmm. Its been two weeks and somehow I am getting suckered into packing lunch every evening for the next day. I can't resist the compliments, and the thought that people really are congratulating him on such a lovely, complete, and well-packed lunch.

Let's not burst my bubble, okay?


Running2Ks said...

Um....good practice for motherhood? LOL! No bubble bursting here, it is wonderful that your husband compliments you profusely.

Suzanne said...

Hmmm, what's the adage about giving a man a fish versus teaching him to fish?

Still, I think it's great you're able to save on all that buying-lunch-each-day expense. I always brought my lunch to work, but my husband doesn't want anything he is going to eat to mingle in the public refrigerator with other lunches. Sigh. So many issues, so little time!

Jill said...

Well, Josh is right, you obviously are a good lunch packer. I am impressed with that nifty little sandwich container! (I just might run out to the local Container Store and buy one.)

Honey Bunny said...

my hubs-to-be suckers me into that, too. only it's "what's for dinner?" instead of lunch.

where is there a container store in boston?

halloweenlover said...

The sandwich container ROCKS. Seriously. I love it.

There is a container store in Chestnut Hill, on Route 9. You can take the T to the Chestnut Hill stop on the D line and walk about 3 blocks to the store, or one in Natick. The one in Natick is BIG.

They also have a salad container I really want. AND, I have been anxiously waiting for the Elfa sale this January to redo my closet, but they are having a 25% off sale now! So we may be redoing my closet sooner than expected! Hurray!

Suzanne, I am talking to josh tonight and telling him that. It is for his OWN good, not mine.

Ninotchka said...

ha ha SUCKER...I mean, what a good wife you are!

I echo Running2K's comment: You will make an excellent Mother. And hey, at least he's thanked you profusely which is more that I can say for most husbands.

(Not mine, of course, but then again I don't do crap for him - lol)

Kristin said...

My hubby often takes leftovers for lunch or makes extra to take the next day ... I am the slacker in this family. Leftover meat weirds me out, and I don't like a sandwich that's been mingling with itself too much over the course of a few hours. A friend and I at work started a "sandwich pool" in which we take turns bringing a loaf of bread, cheese, sandwich meat and other fixin's to work. The only trouble is that eating the same sandwich every single day gets a little boring.

Chris said...

You really are such a nice wife.

Much much nicer than I am ;-)

Chatty Cricket said...

He he he. Sweetie would get lunch out of me once, MAYBE twice before I just stopped packing for him. He gets dinner when he gets home, and that's as good as it gets.

You're very good to the hubs. ;)

lostinthemiddle said...


When did you change the look of your blog? I haven't been here in awhile and I *love* it.

And . . .

mmmmmm, lunch sounds yummy. Husband sounds like quite the smartypants.

Yankee T said...

The Attorney makes my lunch every day. And puts a nice note in it, to boot. I think it's a great thing that you're doing for him, and I can tell you from experience, he will never tire of it. I don't. So yeah, carry on, and if you get a second, put a little love note in there. Guaranteed to get you some, um, "alone time".

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Random tidbit: Container Store's been selling that very same sandwich container for years. How many years, you ask? Well, that's what I took with me to school when I was a senior in high school!!!

And, just as I was wicked cool back then for having it, Josh is wicked cool for having it now. :-)

Phantom Scribbler said...

APL is right. I used to bring that sandwich container to work myself, back when I did such things. At least until I realized that peanut butter and jelly did not really *need* a fancy, four compartment container.

My kids sure like playing with it, though. And my husband? Buys his lunch at work every day. Sigh.

Gawdessness said...

This is the first time commenting here, whew, doing a lot of that lately -
I loved this post and it reminded me:
So I made my husband's lunch for a long time and for budget reasons am thinking about doing it again.
When I was making his lunch more regularly - I used to delight in finding unusual bags and boxes for him to carry it in.
On of these was a Jar-Jar Binks Bag from one of the star wars movies.
One day at lunch another engineer teased him about the bag. Saying that Jar-Jar sucks. My husband pointed out because his wife made him lunch - he was not about to complain. The other guy than said that if he had someone who would make lunch for him everyday he would take it to work in a "my Litle Pony" lunch box. I have been looking for one ever since.

Pink Cupcake said...

I wouldn't dream of bursting your bubble. :) I think it's lovely that you're doing this for Josh. As long as it's not all one-sided (which I'm sure it's not in your case), I think it's really important to do nice little things for our loved ones. It certainly makes me feel good when I do, especially when it is really appreciated.

And, wow, the sandwich container looks awesome!

KLee said...

Gawdessness said that someone was giving her hubby some flak for having a Jar Jar Binks lunch box -- I have to say that when we went back to school shopping for our nine year old, my husband espied a Darth Vader lunch box that he truly coveted. He decided against it though, because it would only be another thing to carry around and keep up with.

My hubby (JF) makes his own lunch, possibly because he gets up earlier than I do, and he makes weird sandwiches. Like "Mustard." And, that's all. Or "Turkey with Wasabi Horseradish." Whatever he's in the mood for. If I make the lunch, I get to pick.

I still carry a lunchbox. My family bought me a Monkees lunchbox a few years ago for Christmas, and I still carry that on occasion.

Piece of Work said...

My husband often refuses leftovers for dinner, he would laugh out loud if I packed a lunch for him. But I think it's so cute that you do! And now I'm hungry.

jo(e) said...

I'm laughing aloud. I'm wondering if your husband and mine are secretly twins.

amygeekgrl said...

Wow, it must be true love for dedication like that! :) And I agree w/ R2Ks and Nino - great practice for being a Mom (which I think you will rock at). ;)

My dh takes leftovers most days. Once in a while I will make his lunch, but we don't have anything nearly as cool as your sandwich container. No wonder he doesn't get compliments. ;)

Seriously though, that Container Store looks hella cool!

YG&B said...

SUCKA!! ha ha ha, i used to have a fabulous lunchbox that was covered in 1950s era government-sponsored syphilis ads. hilarious.

liz said...

I love that you pack your husband lunch everyday. That is so romantic.

And for those who don't like their sandwich mingling during the day, I bring my tuna (or whatever) in a tupperware and pack my pita separately.

jo said...

My husband, the spoiled engineer, works at a company doing R&D stuff. They are a small office of about 15 and the fridge is stocked by the company. They also have a former line cook who works there (not as a cook of course) who makes everyone full breakfast once in a while as well as the mother of one of the owners who marches in periodically with freshly baked pies. I've even used them as my guinea pigs when I am practicing danish or cakes just to get the stuff out of the house.

Having rambled on about all of that...I still make him lunch sometimes and send him with it to work. It makes me happy to do it, makes him really happy (I will admit to liking the compliments as well) and sometimes I just cook extra at dinner and send the leftovers in. He sometimes shares his lunch and I get emails of thanks. It's all part of my channelling of Martha Stewart. Without the poncho, the strange accent and the attitude of course.
Keep on doing it for him, It's one of those little things that keep him happy, I'm sure he does something in return for you as well and if not may I suggest a Honey-Do list?

halloweenlover said...

I sooooo need to institute a Honey-Do list. He is happy to do things around the house, but needs A LOT of direction.

And Yankee, I should have put little notes in! Now I even feel neglectful! How did this happen?

Jo(e), I'm telling you. We may be related.

APL, you've totally burst my bubble! I thought I was brilliant for finding that lunchbox container!

Liz, I do that with my sandwiches too. I don't like the bread getting soggy.

Klee, Ewwwww.

Jo, ummm, I am MORE than happy to be a taste tester for you. My old firm used to provide us with a fully-stocked fridge and cabinets, including yogurt, veggies, fruit, cereal. It was one of the saddest things about leaving the firm. Now I even have to pay for a water. Sigh.

I am totally a sucker, but he spoils me in other ways. No wonder we keep putting off the kids. He doesn't want me to stop making his lunches, and I don't want him to stop bringing me hot chocolate in bed.

ccw said...

That's so funny! I knew exactly where that story was heading. You are a better wife than me, I make Mr. S's lunch every now and then. If he can't figure out how to put stuff in the bag, then he can starve. I'm half joking; aren't I mean?

Maybe if Mr. S raved about my lunches as your hubby does, I would pack it for him. Plus, I need one of those sandwich containers.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

You ARE brilliant, HL! No bubble has been burst!

Sunnyside said...

I wouldn't think of bursting your bubble!

But I have to still chuckle a little bit on the side. See what love does?

But there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! It is all part of the give and take.

HipMamaB said...

When I was thinking of getting pregnant, my biggest "fear" was the fact that one day this kid was going to go to school and I would have to make it a lunch everyday.. no slacking! So, you are just practicing for that! GOOD JOB! :) I'm lazy and buy lean cuisines and then curse at my desk b/c they are always so nasty.

RussianViolets said...

I love that he's so grateful. How very sweet, and it's good that he realizes how wonderful you are. ;-)