Thursday, September 08, 2005

101 things (finally)

1. I am an only child.

2. I have gone through periods in my life both adoring and detesting the fact that I am an only child.

3. I think that being an only child has made me have an overly-idealized and perhaps false idea of family (that may be why I dream of having lots of kids).

4. I love to travel (anywhere and everywhere), even though I didn't really start traveling until I was in college.

5. I believe I was meant to marry my husband. My college roommate thinks so too.

6. I told my mother that a week after meeting him.

7. One look at his smile will still make my stomach flutter.

8. We share the same morals and beliefs, even though I'm Catholic and he is Jewish. But we practice mainly Judaism in our house.

9. This is comical if you realize that I went to Catholic elementary school (with nuns!), an all-girls Catholic high school, Catholic college, attended church every Sunday and then found the only Jewish boy at my school and married him.

10. Thank goodness my parents thought it was funny too.

11. I often worry that I am overweight, even though logically I know that I'm not. I worry that this will turn into an eating disorder.

12. I am freakishly good at languages.

13. In one college semester I picked up enough Italian to pass as a native Italian (for a few minutes) when we were in Cinque Terre that summer.

14. I also speak native Spanish, and French with a Spanish accent. That cracks me up.

15. I don't like being alone, and I've never been a person who desires 'alone time'.

16. Ironically, I am actually a very independent person.

17. I thought I was going to be a doctor from childhood through college and then decided in my junior year to go to law school.

18. I was also convinced that I hated history because of a terrible high school teacher. To avoid university requirements I took history in summer school, and my summer school professor asked me why I wasn't a history major. That next semester I dropped biology and became a history major.

19. The day I got into my law school was one of the happiest days of my life.

20. I loved law school and I still think those may have been 3 of the best years of my life.

21. I usually think every year that passes is the best year of my life, though.

22. I have never felt smarter than during those three years, and that is probably why I want to teach someday.

23. I think I'll teach a combination of law and history. Preferably to undergraduates.

24. I was valedictorian in high school. But I didn't feel that smart.

25. I kept my good grades a secret in high school, and my friends thought it was a mistake when my name was called.

26. Remembering that makes me sad because I used to think that intelligence was a bad thing.

27. This is probably because a high school boyfriend broke up with me because he didn't want a girlfriend that was smarter than him. Assh*le.

28. Now I know that my best feature is my big, beautiful, sexy brain. : ) Yours too!

29. I am empathetic to a fault- other people's pain makes me cry. I worry about this when I think about having children.

30. I did human rights work in college and law school. I cried many times.

31. I still hope to go work at a human rights organization in a few years- the tears will be worth it.

32. Even the news makes me cry.

33. People open up to me about their problems a lot. I think I give pretty good advice. Maybe that is why.

34. In the month before September 11th, I remember thinking that life was so wonderful and good and that I was so grateful for how fortunate I have been in life. Now any time I feel wonderful or grateful, I worry that something terrible will happen.

35. I have been blessed with many good friends that I know would come at a moment's notice.

36. I am very loyal.

37. I am also very forgiving. Too forgiving sometimes.

38. I think I'm funny. I hope you do too.

39. People love to tease me and I don't mind being teased. I think people only tease if they like you. I hope I'm not wrong!

40. I used to hate the fact that my parents were from Argentina, now I love it and it is something of which I am terribly proud.

41. Argentina feels like home to me.

42. The scent of Buenos Aires brings tears to my eyes.

43. Josh and I danced the Argentine Tango as our first dance at our wedding as a surprise to my family. I can still hear the music starting and see my father's tears.

44. That was hands down the best moment of our wedding.

45. My wedding day was the happiest day of my life, so far.

46. I am a pretty happy person.

47. I often wonder what I did to deserve this wonderful life.

48. I worry that I don't love it enough.

49. I am a far-left crunchy leaning liberal.

50. And a pretty radical feminist.

51. I try to be reasonable about those subjects, but it is very hard.

52. Fundamentalists scare me. So do homophobic, racist and sexist people.

53. I have seen my fair share of all of those and it hurts my heart every single time.

54. I need to be more assertive.

55. I am very indecisive, it is something I am working on.

56. I worry too much about what other people think.

57. If you met me, you probably wouldn't be able to tell on the outside.

58. I've never done anything to my hair, no dye, no perm, not highlights, except hair cuts.

59. I very rarely wear makeup or do my hair. I am a shower-and-go kind of girl.

60. I also hate wearing high heels and don't do it often.

61. This is mainly laziness, although my mother-in-law likes to call it the fresh-faced look.

62. I have never smoked and never would.

63. I don't like alcohol and will only drink it on select occasions and if it doesn't taste like alcohol (pina coladas excluded).

64. I don't have a very good immune system, although I've never been seriously ill.

65. I am a total bookworm. And a speedreader. I devour books.

66. I believe I saw a ghost once. I was scared to death.

67. My mom believes I am psychic because I did really strange things growing up, like warn her before the phone rang, or tell her that something would happen before it did. I sometimes dream that things will happen before they do. And no, I am not crazy.

68. I love farmer's markets and I try to go whenever they are around.

69. I also discovered this year that I love gardening.

70. I am pretty creative and crafty, and will try to make things at home before buying them from a store.

71. This means I have a lot of unfinished projects lying around the house.

72. My mom purposely didn't teach me to clean, sew, cook or do laundry. She wanted to make sure I never did those things for a man.

73. Now I love to sew and cook. And I can't live without a cleaning lady.

74. 50% isn't bad, mom.

75. I believe that I can do anything- I think my mom also instilled that in me.

76. I've always wanted to adopt a child and I believe I'll do it someday.

77. I had braces in law school.

78. I am very clumsy and consequently have bruises a lot of the time.

79. I HATE shaving my legs, but unfortunately, I am very hairy so I have to shave often. I would love to have laser hair removal, but I'm chicken.

80. Between the hairiness and the bruises, I wear pants a lot.

81. I get terrible motion sickness. On planes, boats, cars, trains, subways, buses, rides, and sometimes just from watching things move too fast. It is very annoying.

82. I never knew you could love pets so much until Tango and Murray came to live with us.

83. Now I understand. They are a part of my family.

84. One of my only regrets is living so far away from my parents.

85. I miss them every day. I have expensive phone bills because of that.

86. My husband and my parents are my best friends.

87. I grew up in San Francisco in the same small apartment for 12 years.

88. I've moved every year over the last 9 years.

89. We moved to Boston because we were tired of moving.

90. We bought our first house in October and now I am an obsessed do-it-yourselfer.

91. I love the fall, and halloween, and the leaves, and pumpkins!

92. For this reason, I love New England. I can't imagine not having New England falls.

93. I left part of my heart in San Francisco, though.

94. I've been to almost every vineyard in Napa, even though I only like sweet wines. Its a tragedy, I know.

95. I hate peanut butter.

96. And mean people. Yuck.

97. I love almost all vegetables.

98. I worry about money.

99. I also worry about having too much money and what it might do to you.

100. One of my biggest fears is that I won't have any children.

101. Another one of my biggest fears is that I won't do enough to better this world.


Phantom Scribbler said...

78, 79, AND 80! Also 58, 59, and 60. Who knew there was another one out there???

11 -- oh, Halloweenlover, but you are so skinny! Really! I can't even imagine you being overweight.

34 -- yes!

55 -- I can't decide whether I am also this way or not.

38 -- very funny! And very sweet!

KathyR said...

#27: I had a guy stop dating me because I was "too smart for him." I'm thinking he wasn't the only one. He was just the only one with the nuts to say so.

#37: I am not forgiving enough, so we balance out.

#66: Really? Tell us more! I honestly don't believe that stuff at all, so I'm very curious to hear about it from someone who's so smart & levelheaded.

#67: Except I did have a flickering thought/vision/daydream? about the Challenger space shuttle blowing up on the same morning that it did blow up a couple of hours later. I spent a few creeped-out minutes thinking people talking about it were reading my mind or that I'd said something out loud before I realized that the thing had actually exploded. Coincidence? Probably. Are you still psychic?

Jill said...

This was a great post. It's nice to get to know you better and to find out that we share a lot of similarities. I'll bet that if we knew each other in real life that we would have fun hanging out together!

Piece of Work said...

What a great list! Makes me want to re-do mine.

Pink Cupcake said...

Wow, it was so interesting to read this, especially as I could also have written just about everything on your list...The main exceptions being that I have highlights and I like alcohol more than you (and I totally agree about Pina Coladas!). :) I love that your Mom didn't teach you to cook, clean etc. Mine didn't either, although I enjoy cooking now, but wouldn't like to be without my weekly visit from the cleaning lady.
I also LOVE that you are the first American that I've ever known who doesn't like peanut butter. I hate the stuff, but my American friends are always trying to convince me otherwise. I have this great photo of one of them (jokingly) holding a knife to me to make me eat a PB&J sandwich...I still only had one mouthful. Yuckety-yuck. So yay to you for that, HL! :)

ccw said...

This is a great list!

I am also an only child that is clumsy and constantly bruised.

ccw said...
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halloweenlover said...

You all are so sweet! I was hesitant to post the list, but then I figured, this week is all about being grateful for stuff, and lots of things on my list were things I am thankful for, so what the hell!

Phantom, you are so kind. I am telling you, its terrible. I have read that Argentina has a high incidence of eating disorders and I think that is where it comes from. Ridiculous ideals that have been passed on to me.

Kathyr, I may put up a post about my ghost incident. I hesitate to share because it was so intense and I don't talk about it much, but it is a nice story. As long as you promise not to think I am crazy.

Jill, I have thought the same thing about you!

Pink Cupcake, I admit I am totally tempted to get highlights and only the laziness of having to redo them stops me. And I wish I liked alcohol, but I just don't! I hate the taste and I hate feeling drunk. My husband is always trying to get me to drink a little and there are a lot of drinks that don't taste like alcohol, so sometimes it works. Another secret about me, I've never thrown up from alcohol!

CCW, HA! Glad to know I'm not alone.

POW, your list is great!

Yankee T said...

Oh, this is a great list. We have a lot in common. Who knew you wanted to adopt? I knew I loved you!

So, yeah, on: 45 to 53, inclusive, for me, and you're just like The Attorney on loving law school and doing human rights law, and on the motion sickness. Like I said, I knew I loved you!
What a nice break this was from the carnage.

Running2Ks said...

So many of the numbers, so many. I love your list. You are such a sensitive and caring person. I like your politics, your style, and your empathy. I hope that you can get hope back and not fear losing joyous things, but it is wonderful and refreshing to read about someone so optimistic and nice. Your husband and you are lucky to have found each other. I like your quirky language talent--that is really handy. Liberal people rock! And I am glad to have learned so many cool things about you.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

We share a lot of things, apparently, but I'd say #21 is the one that matters most in the grand scheme of things.

And #78. But only because it's endearing.

Songbird said...

27--my husband (the former one) was very supportive of my going to seminary until I got an A+ on a big paper. He said, as if I had committed a crime, "You're smarter than I am!" That, I am firmly convinced, was the beginning of the end. What you said.

Suzanne said...

I LOVED your list! I've decided that you need to be my new best friend.

(Wow, that wasn't too stalker-ish, was it?)

RussianViolets said...

We are lots alike as well -- particularly on # 27 and 37.

Chatty Cricket said...

I know for a fact that you've got a great start on #101.

SpookyRach said...

#21 is my favorite and that tells me what an incredible person you are. (The rest of the list rocks, too!)

Bethiclaus said...

1-3. Only children are the best!

14. You help me master Spanish and I will so totally teach you to crochet!

38. Of course we do!

49-52. Woo hoo! But why be reasonable?

72. Really? I wish Andiclaus' family was so forward-thinging. They're wonderful - but not like that!

Also, you finished! Congratulations! It's a wonderful list.

purple_kangaroo said...

Great list. I'm impressed that you did 101 at once. I'm having to break mine up and do them a few at a time, and I've only done 36 so far.

Loved the parts about your husband and parents. I'm glad you like them. :)

I sometimes know when the phone is about to ring too--or, even stranger, who is calling before I pick up the phone (we don't have caller ID).

Ninotchka said...

Finally, I can post!

The tango at your wedding thing totally made me cry. How utterly lovely.

And I'm a hair virgin too! Not many of us left, I don't think. Hope it doesn't attract vampires or something. lol

KLee said...

Great list, HL! I am totally with you on a lot of your list!

5 -- my husband said he was going to marry me on our first date. Here we are, almost 13 years later!

11 -- I *am* overweight, and I worry about it constantly. I don't have an eating disorder because I don't care enough about food to have one. Plus, I *detest* throwing up, so that would never work.

12 and 13 -- I'm not "freakishly good" at languages, but I do seem to retain a lot of my French from high school and college. I keep working on it. I had a Japanese student a few years ago, and I learned enough Japanese to make myself understood to him.

33 -- We like to hear your advice because it's always caring and down-to-earth. We can recognize a caring person in you.

38 -- oh, yeah. :)

59 -- another one where we agree totally!

63 -- again, right on the money, even down to the drink! (I make a killer virgin one, though! :)

65 -- ditto. Maybe you and I should start up a book trading circle. I never have enough books, and I will go broke buying them.

67 -- I used to do this, too! I would have a dream that something was going to happen, say at school the next day, and *it did.* Happened all the time. Very Twilight-Zone!

78 -- again, a big "me, too!" I'm just clumsy, actually. I discover bruises, and have no idea how they got there.

81 -- I do as well. I have to drive everywhere we go because I get so ill. If I can't drive, I have to either load up on Dramamine, or sleep so the motion doesn't make me as ill.

91 -- I have a fall birthday, and I love the approach of fall for that, and the softening of the weather. I also love the whole "harvest" feel.

101 -- you have changed the world. It may not be on some extra-large scale, but every life you touch is a change. You have touched all of us -- there's a lot of people who read your blog regularly. We have been changed by you.

It's spooky how much alike and different we are, all at the same time. :)

Serendipity House said...

This was a fun read! Thanks for sharing! Hey, did you ever get my email about the kitchen?

Hope it's been a great weekend!

Sol said...

These may have been by far the best 101 things I have ever read.

I was amused by the fact that you used to hate your parents being Argentinian and now you love it... And the Tango dance in your wedding, I am sure that was special!

Anyway, I knew you were amazing already but now it's confirmed through your 101 things. And you must tell us more about the ghost and the premonitions, please!

Kristin said...

Can I just say that I totally have a friend-crush on you now?

I was a smart kid who tried to hide it also. And I'm a hair re-virgin. Ha. I was manic about my highlights in high school, but the last time I got them was 6 years ago ... naturally brown since then, though my mother is always trying to convince me to go blonde again. *sigh*

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