Thursday, January 13, 2011


I went in for the ultrasound, and God bless her, had the NICEST ultrasound technician EVER. Seriously, ever. She said she wasn't supposed to tell me what she was seeing, but that as long as I didn't hear it from her, she'd keep me updated step by step.

Interesting fact, did you know your uterus lays flat? Like a deflated balloon? So the sides touch each other? Crazy! I totally didn't know that. I assumed it was inflated all the time or something, with space in the middle.

Anyway, a two hour ultrasound later, she saw nothing. Thank goodness. My doctor's office scheduled it on an emergency basis, so I had Josie with me, and had brought nothing to keep her occupied, and poor Gabe was sitting at school after hours without any lunch until 3pm (!!) because it took so much longer than anticipated. But she saw nothing nothing nothing. She said it was a little difficult to see clearly into the lining because it looked particularly thick (whatever that means) but there didn't appear to be fibroids or polyps or anything like that, so either it's hormonal, or it's nothing.

I'm thrilled, of course, and relieved it is over, since 2 hours of being poked and prodded and generally uncomfortable is not enjoyable, and I was stressed over the results, and stressed over having poor Josie with me (who by the way, behaved like an utterly shocking perfect angel) and stressed over poor Gabe sitting at school. Thankfully the teachers fed him what they had in the classrooms- crackers, cream cheese, juice and a clementine. Random, but fine.

Now I'm waiting anxiously for the results of the blood test and hoping all this snow doesn't delay them. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it!!!!
Hoping for good news on the blood test front, and delivered quickly!
YAY for the ultrasound news!

:) Neighbor Lady

Meika said...

I'm so glad! I said a prayer that all would be well - now hopefully you can get to the bottom of this!