Friday, January 14, 2011

another update!

Bloodwork normal! Ultrasound normal! So now we.... hmmm.... no idea. The doctor apparently sent a letter to dictation that will be sent to me eventually with her recommendations, and nobody called me after I left two messages, which was super annoying. The nurse doesn't know what the recommendations are and the doctor is unavailable, and she got a bit snippy with me when I suggested that perhaps sending me a letter next week when the doctor's original voicemail rather urgently told me to go to the hospital was, well, I don't know, RUDE?

I am choosing to not obsess over the rudeness since I'm thrilled the results are normal, but still, isn't that obnoxious? Especially after I left the two messages saying I was nervous and wanted to hear the results, and as far as the doctor knows, I didn't even hear anything at the ultrasound! Grrr. But whatever, moving on.

So all of this leaves me- with no idea what to do or how to handle my upcoming cycle. I am incredibly grateful for your advice and I am dosing up on iron and vitamins and will keep Advil handy and hope that one of the above works. Beyond that, though, I'm so grateful to hear other people in a similar situation and to stop worrying that I'm going through early menopause which I REALLY AND TRULY did think I was. My mom actually laughed in my face when I told her my deep fears about this. She says she didn't even start having symptoms until she was 50, so she thinks I have a ways to go. I hope she's right. But thank you, again, for your candidness. Chocolates for everyone!

Now I can move onto telling you all about London, and a very! exciting! insane! trip! I am planning for June and July. With my two children. And no husband. To another continent. I am booking tickets today, and then I will share. Don't want to jinx it.