Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I wonder who McSteamy is

A coworker of Josh's heard some women in the bathroom referring to Josh as "McDreamy".

Now, on the one hand, of course I'm flattered on his behalf. I too think my husband is hot.

On the other hand, shouldn't I be somewhat alarmed? Do I need to spend a little more time visiting his office?


Stacy said...

Personally YES I would go visit and make my presence known. You don't want this person getting any ideas and trying to make a move on him.

If they talk that openly about him in a location where lots of people can hear, they are very bold and may just try to act on their impulses.

I have found some guys to be very oblivious to these things and he may not even notice that she is hitting on him! LOL

Just my 2¢

Anonymous said...

Why would you feel the need to make your presence known? Don't you trust your husband?

Stacy said...

Like I said I have BTDT and some guys don't pay attention and dont' realize when women are hitting on them. It has happened to my current boy friend. He was clueless even though the chick was getting pretty bold with her moves. So sometimes women just have to do what they feel they need to.

I am not currently married either. My ex was sleeping with everyone!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

OOoh, you're hubby's a McDreamy! :)