Thursday, September 02, 2010

I hate the word staycation

Hypothetically speaking...

If you had no extra money, and your husband was taking the week off from work, and you had NO extra money, what would you do?

Would you try to scrape something together and take the kids away for one night somewhere fun? Or would you do day trips? Would you go to the beach? A pool? Miniature golfing? Thoughts?

Also, Gabe starts school on Wednesday of this hypothetical week, so we have intro classes on Wednesday and Friday for an hour and a half.

Ideas? Bonus if you have New England specific ideas! Double bonus if they are toddler and preschooler appropriate! (can you believe Gabe is almost a preschooler?)


I read each and every comment, of course, and I always take your comments to heart, even if I don't necessarily agree with them. When one anonymous commenter told me the situation with Tango and Murray was all my fault, I was initially hurt and then reconsidered and thought, "well, yes, probably." But whether it was my fault or not, the dogs were now stuck in this unhappy situation with crazy children and we had to come up with a solution.

But. But. But. The comments to this post made me laugh out loud! Disgraceful! I've been walking around the house exclaiming "disgraceful!" in a Southern accent and then cackling gleefully! I love it!

It's a good thing my anonymous commenter doesn't live here and hasn't met the many, many, MANY moms in my neighborhood who have a full-time nanny while they are full-time stay at home moms! GASP! Some of them only have one child! And have help! Holy smokes! I refuse to believe that pinching pennies to send my child to a top-notch preschool that happens to be a grand total of 15 hours a week is disgraceful.

Hee! Disgraceful, indeed!


BabyMac said...

Disgraceful indeed! I laughed too. And have been laughing ever since. I'll tell you and your Anon commentor what is disgraceful...your run of bad luck. PISS OFF. The end.

Ok. So I totally think day trips. Keep it local lady and let the children sleep in their own beds at night. A vacation 'sounds' good, but in theory no one really has a good time. At night once they are asleep, spend your money on booze. Get drunk and GET IT ON. Try and relive some special memories that you guys have had in the past, but from home. Paris? Then do a french, champagne AND lingerie. You get my drift...

Disgraceful? YOU BETCHA.

Anonymous said...

we did a staycation this year. my kids are older, and we chose our day trips accordingly, but this is what we did:

Six Flags (especially the water park part)
The Beach
P-Town for an overnight - 2 v fun days
Vineyard for a Day
The Beach
My parents' house in CT

Chatty Cricket said...

Storyland? You could do it in an overnight and although we've never been my Friend With Very High Standards (re: amusement parks) LOVES it.

I must say, your Troll is of the particularly jealous variety. Some of them like to judge, but yours seems jealous. Oh Trolls. I wonder what it's like to have nothing better to do with your time but be bitter?

liz said...

Camping, if your kids are up to it. Tends to be $15/night for a campsite.

And your troll was FABULOUS. I just want to eat her right up.

Meika said...

I think I'm commenting on the wrong post, but oh well... can I just say... stay-at-home-moms with full-time nannies?? I am soooooooo envious. That's not so much part of the culture around here (oh, understatement, how I love thee) and I've been having mixed feelings (read: guilt!) about deciding that I absolutely must replace my one-morning-a-week-for-no-reason-except-oh-right-my-sanity babysitter as soon as possible. So, thanks. Simply knowing that I'm not completely aberrant for being a SAHM and hiring a sitter just made my day.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Anonymous comments suck. I just ignore them when I receive them. People can be so cruel sometimes.

So... what did you end up doing for your vacation? Did you do a stay-cation?